Marvel’s Siege One-Shots

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I’m reading Siege and enjoying it. I like the art, I like the story, and I especially like the pace. At four issues, things are moving along nicely. With the Heroic Age set to begin in May, I was a little surprised that Siege #4 was not on the schedule for April (it’s been pushed back to May 12). Instead, Marvel is giving us a series of 5 Siege one-shots focusing on Captain America, Spider-Man, Loki, the Young Avengers and Secret Warriors. The first of these shipped last week and I really wanted to give them a chance, but I’m sorry Marvel, I’m not buying into this. I didn’t read any of these books but it’s pretty clear that at least the Captain America and Spider-Man issues are extended fight scenes and essentially filler. The Loki issue might be great since he’s the mastermind behind what’s happening in Siege and this should give some insight. I didn’t buy it on principle alone. This is not Marvel’s fault, but I know myself. If I buy one of these, I’m going to want them all. They even have interlocking covers. No, I’m out for this.


Marvel’s Siege of Asgard

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Yesterday saw the much anticipated release of Marvel’s Siege #1.  Advertised as “seven years in the making” (some of which is quickly recapped here), Siege promises to be the culmination of a large portion of Marvel history from 2004’s Avengers Disassembled through the current Dark Reign of Norman Osborn. All of the major series published over that time including House of M, Civil War, and Secret Invasion are touched on and a special edition of Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada’s Cup o’ Joe column is even included in the book to get everyone up to speed on the groundwork that’s been laid for this story.

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Happy New Year, Spider-Man

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The final piece to Marvel’s 2010 Spider-Man teaser image can be seen on their main site, but for some reason it’s not part of the article yet.  Looks like the magically undone wedding will be the focus of this year’s Spider-Man stories.

Additional images for this puzzle teaser were released each day this week at Marvel.com.  A rough assembly looks something like this:

What does 2010 have in store for Spider-Man?  The Gauntlet, a Spider team-up, the Juggernaut, romance with Carly Cooper, and an explanation of what happened on the day of Peter and Mary Jane’s wedding.  Good luck, Spidey.


Fake Comic Book Day

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Today was supposed to be something the comic buying world had not seen for a long time (if ever), a Wednesday (or Thursday) without new comic books.  Upon first hearing that comics’ central distributor, Diamond Distribution, would not be shipping new books this week, I was admittedly sad and disappointed. That seemed to quickly change to a sense of relief in having a week to catch up and save a few dollars (what can I say it’s a weird hobby).  I’ve come to find out that there will be new books today as some publishers have decided to work around Diamond.

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Happy Analog Tuesday

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Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscriptions were 30% off yesterday in celebration of “Cyber Monday.”  I just signed up.  I’m not buying into whatever “Cyber Monday” is supposed to be, but it provided a discount so I’m going to try it.

As an experiment, there are some titles I’m going to stop buying in print and see if I ever get to them online.  There’s current’y at least a six month delay between the print release of Marvel’s comics and their availability through DCU (this acronym  confused Angie initially, but I think she sees the humor in it now).  If past experience is any indication, I may never read a single book that I’m “waiting” on (I just can’t help but think about the three years worth of Generation X, X-Force, X-Man and Cable issues I purchased years ago and never read after falling behind).

That being said, I do have an interest in reading the Rogue and Nightcrawler titles that came out in 2004 and they’re both available. Anyone else out there subscribing to this service?