Philadelphia Comic Con: Kaiju Big Battel

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Kaiju Big Battel ranks as one of the most absurd events I’ve ever attended, and I love it. I don’t know a lot about it, but it makes sense that I would enjoy it as it combines American professional wrestling with Japanese monster movies. It’s not shy about being over the top and if that description appeals to you on any level you should absolutely check it out. Read more of this article »


REVIEW: X-Men Second Coming Interlude

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I suppose there had to be a week without an issue of X-Men: Second Coming shipping. Every week for 14 weeks was just too good to be true. As anxious as I am to know what’s coming next, the break just makes the anticipation that much sweeter. There’s only one more issue of each of the titles involved before the finale, so I’m expecting everyone to put out some of their best work once things start back up.

While we’re waiting, it provides an opportunity to say a few words about two of the Second Coming tie in books that slipped through the cracks last month.

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