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After hearing a lot of good things about this show and Angie and I finally had some time to check it out last week using the magic of Hulu.

The first four episodes were great.  I really like the premise that the entire planet experienced a simultaneous vision of their future on a specific date at a specific time.  The repercussions of something like that make for great story opportunities.  The destruction caused by everyone losing consciousness for two minutes, the threat of it happening again, and the worldwide reaction to what they saw is really interesting.  Unfortunately, the emotional aspects of the story (the alcoholism, lesbianism, etc.) are really clunky and heavy handed.  To be honest, they take something away from the show.

Despite this, things were moving along nicely, and while I didn’t notice it in episodes 1-4, episodes 5 and 6 ended with ridiculous music accompaniment.  Episode 5 really moved the story along, but was effectively ruined for me by the music in the final minutes of the show.  It’s a shame too, because the closing scene featuring the attacks on the investigation team was great if not for the music taking me right out of the moment.

I’m planning to give this show a few more chances to hook me, but the rumors of rewrites and production delays do not bode well.  Flash Forward airs Thursdays on ABC for the time being.