Phillies “at” Toronto

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The Phillies were scheduled for an inter-league series with the Toronto Blue Jays at Toronto’s Rogers Centre over the last weekend in June. The dates coincide with the G20 summit also hosted in Toronto, and after a lot of back and forth MLB has acquiesced to the City of Toronto’s request to move the game. So now, the Phillies will be playing an away inter-league game in Philadelphia under American League rules.

What does this mean? The Phillies will bat in the top of the inning, and we’ll see a Designated Hitter in the game for the first time ever at Citizen’s Bank Park. This may even be the first time this has ever happened at any National League Field. It’s like everything will be turned upside down! No word yet on whether the Phillies will wear their road uniforms or use the visiting dugout.

Is it the biggest deal in the world? No, although Jeff Francoeur and the Mets may think it is since it gives the Phillies three extra “home” games. No NL East team is within three games of the Phillies record at the moment, and we’ll see if the Mets or any other team is at the end of the season. Regardless, this is one of those bizarre things that I just have to see for myself. Tickets are on sale now.


Phillies and MLB AtBat Magic

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Before Apple even announced their new iPhone OS and it’s multitasking capabilities, MLB’s AtBat application worked around the issue of keeping things going while using your phone for other tasks. Thanks to Kevin, I discovered that the audio feeds from AtBat can be left running in the background using Safari/Quicktime in the 2010 version of the application. This allowed us to continue our text message conversation while listening to the game.

AtBat was already rocking my world in that I no longer hate day games that I can’t attend. I’ll be able to listen to the next Phillies day game on 4/28 against the Giants while I work. I don’t need to be at my desk checking updates on a computer or within ear shot of my speakers to know what’s going on. I can’t believe I’m this impressed with what is essentially the same technology as AM radio.

Another special treat: there’s currently an ad running in the app that reads “AtBat is the #1 Sports App. Thank you. Enjoy MLB.TV for FREE on 4/24 and 4/25 (BLACKOUT RESTRICTIONS APPLY).” I would never buy an MLB.TV subscription since the blackout restrictions wouldn’t allow me to watch the Phillies, but I’ll check out a free game any time.


REVIEW: Phillies vs D’Backs – live blogging

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JewishHeritageNightSo I should have started this ninety minutes ago. We join the game in progress, it’s the bottom of the 4th. The based are loaded. Shane Victorino is up. Pete is dancing vaguely like a robot. There are two outs. The phils lead 4-3.

It’s also worth noting that tonight is Jewish Heritage Night at Citizen’s Bank Park. We’re being treated to some traditional music every time the Phillies fly out to end the inning with the bases loaded.

Top of the 5th went by quickly with Shane Victorino giving Ben Francisco a lesson in catching fly balls and Blanton pitching out of some trouble.

After some criticism for live blogging instead of watching the game, we’ll be back later as we watch the bottom of the 5th.

Phillies8-20It’s a good we paid attention, otherwise we’d have missed Jason Werth’s two-run, 421 foot home run. The inning was followed by a little hora action in front of the D’backs’ dugout.

Top 6th went quickly featuring a great catch by Jimmy Rollins. For those keeping track at home, the baseball was in ice cream container 1.

Panamania is runnin’ wild! Solo home run by Carlos Ruiz! Blanton and Rollins each single with no outs. Victorino flies out, pitching change D’backs.


Utley drives in Blanton. Three run home run Ryan Howard! All while we’re on an ice cream run.

Blanton tears through the 7th. Yiddish “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Blanton picks up his second hit of the game and the Phillies tack on another run in the bottom of the 7th. The inning ends on a Howard fly out preceded by a disturbing shout of “101” by a guy in our row. Pretty sure he couldn’t be heard at the plate. 12-3 Phils.

Blanton makes quick work of the top of the 8th on two pop ups and a strikeout. Tonight’s attendance: C 45,172.

In the bobblehead race, Kevin had Red, Pete had gray… Red takes it. Kevin 1, Pete 0. The drunk people in front of us have let the right fielder for the D’backs, Romero, know that they hate him and that he sucks.

There was NO reason to replace Blanton with Durbin in the ninth. It’s 12-3. Let the guy finish the game.

Many people in the crowd are dumb and think Durbin is Lidge.

Ryan is forcing us all to high five as the D’Backs lose again. Why don’t we play them EVERYDAY?


Welcome Back Pedro Martinez

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One of the things I really like about MLD is the professional dedication to not allowing any personal bias impact our writing that each of our writers constantly displays. Unlike the current President of the United States who during the Major League Baseball All-Star game earlier this week seemed to forget that he needs to appeal to more than just a small group of fans of that other team from Chicago, we at MLD recognize that our audience is not only national, but global. We cannot make such a petty mistake as displaying any type of loyalty to a brand, sports team, corporation, musician, writer, artist, etc.

It’s just not appropriate.

Having said that, I’d like to welcome back to Major League Baseball Pedro Martinez. I hope he shoves a few 90 mile per hour fast balls up David Wright’s left nostril as the Phillies grind the Mets down with the back of their heel like a used up, spit out cigarette again this September.

And if he sucks on the field, I’m sure he’ll at least be good for a laugh. When a team sells out two out of every three games they can afford to spend a million dollars on renting a clown who used to be a brilliant athlete for two months on the off chance his tank’s not empty.


Six Distractions in One Post

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Sunday: Sunscreen. Just how exactly does this stuff work? Apparently by absorbing high energy UV photons and releasing the energy difference as heat or visible fluorescence. All that really matters is that it kept me safe through nine innings of baseball.

Monday: Pets. Do pets get homesick? I’m not sure, but I know they get car sick.

Tuesday: Mets fans. This may actually be a comment on the lack of Baltimore Orioles fans. Despite $8 tickets, a beautiful stadium and a killer block party, more Mets fans were in attendance that local supporters.

Wednesday: New iPhone software. This was almost disappointingly simple. Glad to see Apple worked out the kinks and staggered the release of the software and the new iPhone after the disaster of the last upgrade.

Thursday: SEPTA. When it’s raining and there’s an afternoon baseball game and it’s rush hour, it would be reasonable to have enough cars on the tracks to handle it.

Friday: USPS. So is the US Post Office really that bad? I’m considering spending $12 extra dollars on an order of comic books next week to not have the USPS ship my books.

I realize this post is decidedly negative, and involves a lot of baseball.  To compensate: Go Phils!