Is something special happening in New Jersey?

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Now that baseball season has passed for another year, my attention has been drawn back to the NBA.  While my beloved Sixers will be in another battle for 4th place in the Eastern Conference, I couldn’t help but notice a remarkable statistic in their division: New Jersey Nets 0-12 to start the season.

The Nets are on pace to pass both their franchise losing streak of 16 games and the record for most losses to start an NBA season at 17 games (shared by the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers).  We may be seeing something special happening in New Jersey.

Keeping pace with the Nets in the Atlantic Division are the lowly New York Knicks (who were rumored to be interested in the recently available Allen Iverson).  Combined 2 and 21 for the season, these teams just really couldn’t be worse.  They meet for the first time this season Saturday at 1PM where the Nets may take one more step toward infamy.

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  • angelique said,

    nothing special ever happens in NJ. Except those few left turns that are legal.

  • mark said,

    Left turns are legal in pa too.

  • Kevinmld said,

    Hey guys… how’s it going? uhm… bite me.

  • ptb said,

    Kevin, that can’t possibly be directed at me. There’s just no way you’d defend the Nets, who lost 98-91 today to the Knicks.

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