Marvel’s X-Men: Regenesis

November 2011 is X-Men: Regenesis month as the entire X-line is rebranded and set on a new direction. After the events of X-Men: Schism, the X-Men have never been more divided. Cyclops and his loyalists on the island of Utopia are determined to save their species, while Wolverine has opened the Jean Grey Center for Higher Learning on the grounds of Xavier’s school back in New York to protect the mutant youth. Marvel’s mutants choose sides in comic book shops around the world and digitally this Fall.

Keep up with our reviews as each of the X-titles enter this new era by visiting this page. Also be sure to check out our notes from the X-Men: Regenesis panel at this year’s New York Comic Con and all of Marvel’s teaser images announcing this jumping on point in the links below.

  • REVIEW: X-Men Regenesis #1

    The X-Men Regenesis #1 one-shot ushers in the post-Schism status quo for Marvel’s mutant heroes that will be introduced across the X-Men line this Fall. We didn’t say much about details of the recently concluded Schism mini-series here at MLD, and much of that had to do with taking a wait-and-see approach after the Prelude to Schism series didn’t connect to it at all. I still enjoyed Prelude,

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