The Great Food Truck Race premieres tonight at 10PM on Food Network

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Angie is a big fan of food, and her interest in all things Food Network has become infectious. It started with a Chopped marathon that kept me up late one night long after she’d fall asleep after turning it on, and led to my watching this season of The Next Food Network Star with her every week. I’m even rooting for “The Sandwich King” Jeff Mauro because his motto of “every meal into a sandwich, every sandwich into a meal” agrees nicely with my life plan. Even though we skip the commercials of nearly everything we watch anymore, it was impossible not to catch promotional material for this new season of The Great Food Truck Race and it looks like it will nicely fill the void after tonight’s Food Network Star finale .

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I took my first breathalyzer…

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…at the grocery store. I guess it is the best situation to be in when having to take one. It made it sort of fun. Apparently mouthwash, some breath mints, and some gum can throw it off. I feel the need to test this. If you aren’t local, you might need some back story. In Pennsylvania, the state controls your alcohol consumption cuz they are cool like that.

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Whole Foods’ Blue Route Taco Truck

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Earlier this week Angie and I had a chance to preview Whole Foods’ new “Blue Route Taco Truck” in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. I was there as a guest of Angie’s Not Just Take Out site (one of her many side projects that sadly keep her away from MLD) and it’s best to let her handle all of the savory details there. Everything was delicious, but what really drew my attention was that this event involved a food truck, and I know food trucks.

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I have to see a man about a sandwich

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This morning I discovered Angie had made an “appointment” for me to experience Chic-Fil-A‘s new breakfast sandwich, the “Spicy Chicken Biscuit.” Apparently, this is the “premiere” week for the new menu item, and it’s actually not yet for sale to the public as sandwiches are available by appointment only.

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Larfleeze’s Orange Lantern Cookies

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Of course I couldn’t resist making Orange Lantern Christmas Cookies when Kevin mentioned them in his recent post. Let this be my warning to you. Resist the temptation. We turned the recipe into an MLD group project and I think the consensus was they were not a recipe to be made again. But hey, we are a group of REALLY picky eaters. Maybe it is just me, but this incredibly easy cookie recipe is not for everyone. I love sweet stuff, and these were just gross. Alright, maybe it was just me… Kevin and Pete didn’t think they were so bad. Pregnancy broke my taste buds a bit.

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