Brown Thursday

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As we pulled into the Best buy parking lot around 6pm last night, we saw stantions being lined up and port-a-potties in place. Their store will be opening at midnight tonight.

Best Buy is just one of many stores opening at a ridiculous time for Black Friday. Many stores are opening ON Thanksgiving. The King of Prussia Mall (largest shopping mall in the US) is opening at midnight as well. This means hundreds of stores don’t even get a choice in their opening time. The penalty the mall normally charges for not opening on a shopping day is far too high for most stores to bear, let alone what I imagine they would impose on the “biggest shopping day of the year”. I just can’t understand it. Who needs to shop at that point? Those of you shopping at Toys R Us at 8pm Thanksgiving night, where are the little loved ones you are shopping for? What are you teaching them by going out on a family holiday just in order to shop?

After working in retail for a number of years, Black Friday became entertainment for me. We would sometimes go out in the afternoon just to look around. No crowds, still some great prices. I never felt the need for “doorbuster” deals. Last year we bought a tv and some extras because it was an INCREDIBLE BLACK FRIDAY DEAL! I was in the store less than two weeks later getting our price adjusted down. A $300 price adjustment after the Black Friday deal.

What’s the point? Shoppers have created this mess. It’s on us to make it stop. Stop going out on what should be a time for family and spending money on things made by underpaid workers overseas. #rantover #happythanksgiving


Buy handmade, Buy awesome

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If you’re like me, you like stuff. You probably at least have someone in your life that likes stuff. Maybe someone you have a hard time finding gifts for. Oh. You don’t buy gifts for special people? They said they didn’t want anything? They lied. Everyone likes getting presents.

I love stuff. My husband loves stuff even more than me. If you are a regular reader, you know he likes really geeky stuff in particular. Usually, I am really bad at gifts. Really bad. This year, I outdid myself. All thanks to Etsy.

I’m here today, to tell you Etsy is not just for girls, and I wanted to highlight some of the shops and crafters I have worked with in the past few months.

All three shops are offering a 10% discount to My Latest Distraction readers. Look for the coupon code at the end of the post after you see their AMAZING work 🙂 Read more of this article »


Days of Future Past – Looking back on MLD’s First Three Years

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It’s a special day here at My Latest Distraction as we celebrate our third anniversary. Thank you again to everyone that stops by. You are a big part of what keeps us going. Whether you’re a regular reader or a just here for a fleeting moment every visit something we find thrilling.

A few weeks ago we discussed MLD’s most popular posts from the past year, and today we decided to spotlight some of our favorite posts from throughout our history. Despite the X-Men reference in the title and comic books being the dominant topic on the site most weeks, you won’t find much spandex among our selections this time around.

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MLD’s Most Popular Posts of 2011

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Happy New Year from everyone at MyLatestDistraction! The start of a new year is typically a time when people look back at the one that’s ending, and 2011 was a big year for MLD. That has everything to do with our readers, so rather than make a “best of” we’ve decided to take a look back at our most popular posts from 2011. These were determined based on the number of people who came to read them throughout the year. In some cases, our highest traffic posts of 2011 were actually originally published in 2010, but that didn’t mean they’ve collected any dust since they were published.

Also be sure to check out what’s recently gotten a lot of attention on MyLatestDistraction (including a recent review of Marvel’s Uncanny X-Force #19 (part of X-Men Regenesis) and one of our weekly WWE Monday Night Raw Warm Ups). What’s currently “trending” can always be accessed in the sidebar under “Popular Posts.”

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A very distracting day

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2011 is rapidly approaching its conclusion and everyone here at MLD would like to thank all of our visitors for stopping by this year. The distractions were many and today has been no different.

Birds, babies and Doctor Who have all been a big part of the day that extended into some incredibly fun gifts this year. The Doctor’s part in things will continue right into tonight’s Christmas Special on BBC America that has become something of a holiday tradition around here.

Check out MLD’s past Christmas coverage and enjoy your holidays!