Brown Thursday

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As we pulled into the Best buy parking lot around 6pm last night, we saw stantions being lined up and port-a-potties in place. Their store will be opening at midnight tonight.

Best Buy is just one of many stores opening at a ridiculous time for Black Friday. Many stores are opening ON Thanksgiving. The King of Prussia Mall (largest shopping mall in the US) is opening at midnight as well. This means hundreds of stores don’t even get a choice in their opening time. The penalty the mall normally charges for not opening on a shopping day is far too high for most stores to bear, let alone what I imagine they would impose on the “biggest shopping day of the year”. I just can’t understand it. Who needs to shop at that point? Those of you shopping at Toys R Us at 8pm Thanksgiving night, where are the little loved ones you are shopping for? What are you teaching them by going out on a family holiday just in order to shop?

After working in retail for a number of years, Black Friday became entertainment for me. We would sometimes go out in the afternoon just to look around. No crowds, still some great prices. I never felt the need for “doorbuster” deals. Last year we bought a tv and some extras because it was an INCREDIBLE BLACK FRIDAY DEAL! I was in the store less than two weeks later getting our price adjusted down. A $300 price adjustment after the Black Friday deal.

What’s the point? Shoppers have created this mess. It’s on us to make it stop. Stop going out on what should be a time for family and spending money on things made by underpaid workers overseas. #rantover #happythanksgiving