My Latest Pull List – September 25th, 2013

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Six new books on my list this Wednesday.

  • AVENGERS #20 – An Infinity tie-in. I’m thoroughly enjoying all things Infinity. The main series is full of high spots, and the Avengers and New Avengers tie-ins have brought some depth to what the Marvel Universe is going through in its war with the mysterious Builders. The fact that Infinity‘s mastermind, Jonathan Hickman, is writing all of those issues is a big plus. Sticking to the Hickman written chapters is probably best course for me, but I am debating picking up this week’s Avengers Assemble #19 and Nova #8 primarily because of the Infinity logo.
  • BATMAN #23.4 BANE – DC’s Villains Month wraps up for me here. An Batman issue every week was beyond my capacity to keep up. I’ll likely continue with DC’s Forever Evil series that continues over the next six months, but I’m really looking forward to the return of Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Zero Year in the pages of Batman, particularly after listening to last week’s Fat Man on Batman podcast.
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6 – It feels like a lot of time has passed since issue #5 and the continuing introduction of Neil Gaiman’s Angela to the Marvel Universe. I’m not at all sold on the character’s transition from the pages of Image Comics’ Spawn yet, but I’m a fan of the Guardians and I’ll continue to give it a chance.
  • SAGA #14 – Always a great read. After being on hiatus for a few months, I wasn’t crazy about the cliffhanger from issue #12 not being addressed last month but I trust the creative team to provide the right payoff at the right time.
  • UNCANNY AVENGERS #12 – I’m happy this book has gotten onto a regular shipping schedule, and Kang and the Apocalypse Twins are making for a wild story.
  • WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #36 – A Battle of the Atom tie-in. I’m loving the crossover, but I don’t particularly enjoy this series. I caught up on the last 14 issues recently and only about one in four really did anything for me. The preview looks promising though.

I’m also considering checking out IDW’s zombie animal book THE OTHER DEAD #1 this week.

Weekly comic books are a big part of my life and I regularly post what I’ll be picking up each Wednesday along with cover artwork and previews courtesy of Comixology’s Pull List app

Check back every week to see what’s on My Latest Pull List and share your thoughts what you’re reading this week.

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