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Standard Deviations – judging books by their covers

Variant covers represent the intersection of fandom and collecting for many people interested modern comics. Join us for an exploration of alternative covers gracing the shelves.

Marvel’s X-Men: Regenesis

November 2011 is X-Men: Regenesis month as the entire X-line is rebranded and set on a new direction. After the events of X-Men: Schism, the X-Men have never been more divided and Marvel’s mutants choose sides in comic book shops around the world and digitally this Fall. Keep up with our reviews as each of the X-titles enter this new era.

MLD’s review of Network TV’s New Offerings for Fall 2011

Twenty-eight new shows have joined the Fall network TV line up, and we’ve had something to say about all of them. Some are already off the air, but some have a chance to make it. Share each night of the week with MLD.

September’s “Other” #1s

September 2011 saw an unprecedented number of first issues shipping to comic book shops around the world and available digitally. DC Comics’ “New 52” led the way with a line-wide relaunch featuring a dozen or more new titles each week, but these aren’t the only new series that started that month and here we take a look at some of September’s “other” #1s.

DC Comics’ New 52

During September 2011, DC Comics took one of the biggest gambles in comic book history by canceling their entire line and relaunching it with 52 new titles. Since then, MLD has taken a look at what titles looked interesting, what worked and what we’re still reading. If you’re new to the DC Universe, these articles are the perfect resource to determine where to start with DC’s New 52.

MLD’s The State of Comics
Over the last few months, we’ve taken a hard look at where some of the most popular comics franchises currently stand. With all of these books on shelves, how many are really giving us what we want for our money.

Also check out some older series that ran on the site.

Burger Beef
Got an opinion on who makes the best hamburger? Weigh in!

Doctor Who 2010
PTB shares his joy in the latest season of the classic British sci-fi series Doctor Who. Catch up on these and other episodes on BBCAmericaSyFy and Netflix Instant.

DC Comics’ Brightest Day
KevinMLD and PTB review the follow up to DC’s hitBlackest Night series by Geoff Johns. Bi-weekly recaps and discussions of the entire 26-issue run.

DC Comics’ War of the Green Lanterns

One of the final events before DC’s “New 52” relaunch, War of the Green Lanterns ran through Geoff Johns’Green Lantern series, Tony Bedard’s Green Lantern Corps and Peter Tomasi’s Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. The fate of the Green Lanterns, the Emotional Spectrum and the Guardians of the Universe hangs in the balance!

Marvel’s X-Men: Age of X
The latest X-Men event, Age of X, introduces a new world and new history for Marvel’s mutants where nothing can be taken for granted. What you knew was wrong and a world without the X-Men is a very dark place.

Marvel’s X-Men: Second Coming

Join PTB through the dizzying highs and crushing lows of 2010’s epic X-Men: Second Coming crossover.

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