DC Comics’ New 52

During September 2011, DC Comics took one of the biggest gambles in comic book history by canceling their entire line and relaunching it with 52 new titles. Each week in September, MLD took a look at what titles DC was shipping and placed our bets on which series we thought would be good.

After the books shipped we also took a closer look at those series to see how our recommendations turned out. If you’re new to the DC Universe, these articles are the perfect resource to determine where to start with DC’s New 52.

  • REVIEW: Justice League #5

    Jim Lee and Geoff Johns’ record setting Justice League series returned to shelves and screens around the world last week. After months of assembling DC Comics’s most recognizable heroes, the fully formed Justice League of the New 52 universe is set to work together and their first opponent, the malevolent Darkseid. The ultra-powerful villain has

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  • REVIEW: Flashpoint #5

    So this week officially ends the DC Universe as we’ve known it. Series like Action Comics (ending at #904) and Detective Comics (ending at #881) that have been published without interruption since the 1930’s have come to an end (although technically they ran to issue #1,000,000) and it’s all because of Flashpoint. After having this

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  • REVIEW: Flashpoint #4

    The cover to Flashpoint #4 makes it abundantly clear that Barry Allen is about to encounter more familiar faces that have been drastically altered in the Flashpoint timeline. Despite this being the first major appearance of Wonder Woman and Aquaman in the main Flashpoint series, everything comes together very nicely. As we head toward the

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  • REVIEW: Flashpoint #3

    DC Comics’ Summer event series, Flashpoint, hit the mid-way point this week as issue #3 arrived in stores. Flashpoint has perhaps become the most important series in the DC Universe with the announcement that every DC Comics title will relaunch after Flashpoint #5. The series got off to a strong start with big revelations and

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