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The latest issue of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s “New 52” Justice League series entered month three of DC Comics’ line-wide relaunch. The title has become one of the best selling in years with two of the companies top creators telling a reimagined first meeting of DC’s mightiest heroes. This month (as the cover suggests) Wonder Woman was in the spotlight joining Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and the Flash, but a fair bit of attention was given to young Vic Stone as well.

Spoilers for Justice League #3 and details of the New 52 Wonder Woman will follow.


PTB: Wonder Woman makes a real splash here as the cast expands, but is her sword a new thing?

KevinMLD: Not really. She’s been depicted with a sword from time to time. I’m not sure where she carries it, but you’ll see her sometimes with a sword, an axe, or a shield. Though clearly she’s most closely associated with the lasso, bracelets and invisible plane.

PTB: I like the way she’s presented as being a stranger in a strange world.

KevinMLD: It always starts that way. I’m pretty sure George Perez wrote her in a very similar fashion after the original Crisis. Though maybe a little less intent on finding a fight.

PTB: Wonder Woman is among the most recognizable super heroes, but it occurred to me as I read the issue that I really haven’t read many comics that feature her. I did read issue one of her New 52 solo title, but I enjoyed Geoff Johns’ depiction of her here far more than that book. Granted she’s not actually in much of Wonder Woman #1.

KevinMLD: Iactually think Wonder Woman is a pretty strong title right now. And since Justice League is set in the past, this is for all intents and purposes the first appearance of the latest modern Wonder Woman in the New 52 DCU. It’s interesting that it shipped the same day as Wonder Woman #3, which features a major change to her origin. No longer was Diana molded out of clay by her mother. Instead, we learn that was a cover story concocted by her mother to protect Diana from Hera’s wrath as Diana is in reality another daughter of Zeus.

PTB: That’s an interesting change to bring into the new history of the DC Universe. Jim Lee’s artwork continues to impress me here. Wonder Woman joining the battle alongside the other heroes looked great, but I honestly was more impressed with her walking around the city.

KevinMLD: When she discovered ice cream? That was a fun scene.

PTB: I don’t find that the cover is Lee’s strongest image of her here. I think that might actually be on the page after the two-page image of her slashing through Darkseid’s minions where we see the reaction of her new teammates.

KevinMLD: I thought the cover was decent. It feels like the logo takes up too much of the page though. What is above her head? I just can’t tell.

PTB: Have these demons appeared previously as Darkseid’s henchman?

KevinMLD: Yes. Darkseid employs what are called Parademons. Though this is a slightly new look for them.

PTB: We’re getting background on the principal characters here, but we’re actually getting Cyborg’s origin. How does this history for Vic Stone compare to the previous DCU version of the character? Are Promethium or Nannites involved?

KevinMLD: I honestly don’t think I ever read Vic’s origin tale. I know he was originally an athlete (I seem to remember it being track not football, but I could be wrong) who endured some sort horrific physical injury. His father made him a cyborg to save his life. I remember Vic resenting his father for making him such a “freak.” So I think the origin is probably very similar, but updated. The biggest differences being that he debuted with the New Teen Titans NOT the Justice League, and Darkseid was not involved as far as I know.

PTB: The technology Silas Stone has collected from around the globe is connected to Darkseid and the energy destroying Vic’s body is too. Is it obvious he’ll be the key to winning this fight?

KevinMLD: That would be the obvious way to go, but I’d hate to see him recover so quickly. I guess we’ll see. If he does recover quickly enough to join the fight, I wonder if Darkseid could possibly be capable of controlling Cyborg due to his own technology being repurposed in Vic’s body.

PTB: That’s entirely possible and the page with Darkseid “pinging” the newly assembled Cyborg from some undisclosed location is awesome. You may disagree, but as a reader relatively unfamiliar with him I think telling his story in the pages of a new Justice League series is a good way to elevate him.

KevinMLD: We’ll see. I’m not sure how this elevates him yet. Events will have to play out.

PTB: I’ve kept up with Johns’ Aquaman and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. His introduction here may be better than anything I’ve seen with him on that book. It’s a fun moment and I’m looking forward to more next month.

KevinMLD: Now if you want to talk about a character being elevated in the last two or three years, it’s Aquaman. As badly as DC has failed to get Barry Allen over as the resurrected Flash, they’ve succeeded in the breathing new life into Aquaman.

PTB: In the backup pages, is there any significance to David Graves, the South Orange Library, or the dates “The Secret History of Atlantis” was borrowed?

KevinMLD: Well apparently his book signing is cancelled.

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