The Next Best Thing

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Ruth Saunders and her grandmother are in Los Angeles for one reason, to be in the television business. Together since Ruth’s parents were killed in an accident that physically and emotionally scarred her for life, they go about their days as an assistant/aspiring writer and a stand-in for shows. Ruth really hopes to make it big with a show loosely based on her and Nana’s lives as they try to find their way (and of course love) in a big city after moving from their small New England town in the pages of Jennifer Weiner’s The Next Best Thing.

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The 84th Annual Academy Awards are Tonight

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The 84th Academy Awards ceremony airs on ABC tonight. Once again hosted by Billy Crystal, it’s sure to be a drama-free celebration of movies virtually no one saw. And when The Artist is declared the best movie of the year, millions of Americans who wake up and read about in the morning will just shrug. The nominees for Best Picture this year include The Artist, Midnight in Paris, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Warhorse, Tree of Life, The Help, Moneyball, and Hugo. While it seems inevitable that The Artist is going to win, after the break we’ll discuss whether it actually deserves the honor.

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Academy Awards Best Picture Coverage

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I don’t care. I’m NEVER seeing The King’s Speech.


A glimpse into SEPTA’s future

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I know SEPTA gets a lot of grief for running behind schedule, but this is ridiculous. I was almost 70 years late for work this morning.

Also, what you can’t see in the photo is that it was taken at 11:15PM. In the future, that time of day is broad daylight. I can only assume this is the result of Daylight Savings Time run amok, or humanity’s last ditch effort to stave off the vampire apocalypse by throwing off their sleep schedule.


500 Degrees in Philadelphia

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500 Degrees Philadelphia Burgers

500 Degrees Storefront in Philadelphia

After the clearly misguided Five Guys review (sorry LydonWrites, the public has spoken), I thought I’d offer my thoughts on one of Philly’s newer Burger Joints: the Rogue-affiliated 500 Degrees.  Since Rob Wasserman opened the restaurant in March, the food has been very hit or miss. However, as time has progressed, 500 degrees seems to have found it’s footing and is becoming a worthwhile place to in stop in for a bite.

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