5 guys couldn’t drag me back

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Why did I even waste my time eating here? Oh right… I was hungry. Maybe I’m spoiled growing up with Nifty Fifty’s, but 5 Guys Burgers and Fries does nothing for me. The burgers are average at best, the fries were okay and they get points for having malt vinegar for their fries, but the small menu, the lousy service (they got my order wrong… on a cheeseburger with the works) and the color scheme rip off of Nifty Fifty’s make it a very lackluster experience in my stomach’s eye. 

I think this is my first dislike, and boy did I dislike. I may have to eat at Nifty Fifty’s to repair the damage.

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  • Angelique said,

    I disagree with this. I really enjoy Five Guys. I will admit, I have never had Nifty Fifties, but I think it is an unfair statement to say that Five Guys has ripped them off.

    Almost every burger place uses the red and/or yellow & white color scheme (McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Checkers, Fatburger, In-N-Out, I could go on….). As does most food. This is a marketing tool. Red and yellow make your mind think of food. Walk down the cereal aisle and take a look at the “variety” of colors.

    Checker patterns are also quite popular with food as it is associated with the 50’s. Takes you back to the start of burger joints and a wife in a kitchen (tile floor) wearing an apron. It is to make your mind think you are getting something more old-fashioned and wholesome.

    It’s still fast food. There is only so much one can expect, and I think when eating Five Guys you have to remember that it is fast food.

  • Kevinmld said,

    I’m not with you on this Matt. Five Guys burgers are awesome.

    Plus, all their stores are identical and they are based in DC so it’s safe to say it’s not ripping off Nifty Fifties.

  • ptb said,

    I like Five Guys.

  • Ryan said,

    The only way to lose more credibility with a post is to write something about soccer. You are so far off on this one. That said, I think you just think they are a gimmick. Johnny Rockets is a gimmick.

  • lydonwrites said,

    It’s OK. None of you have to agree with me. But honestly Ryan, how can I lose credibility on having an opinion that just didn’t jibe with the rest of MLD? Burgers were flat and tasteless … sorry.

    And for the record, I have no problem with gimmicks and find that Johnny Rockets suffers from the same lack of taste that 5 Guys does.

  • Shawn said,

    i like it. i’m considering making the long drive out of boston to the nearest one.

  • Vicky said,

    I have never been to 5 guys, and I think I must’ve confused it a few times with a pizza joint…

    and even though I have a similar palate w/ Matt I think I’m going to have to try this place out and see what the hoopla is about!

  • Caitlin said,

    ha, too funny- I don’t like it there either:-x
    I go to Nifty Fifties for the milkshakes only, I don’t ever prefer burgers and fries, though will eat them if my husband drags me somewhere that specializes in them!

  • Brendan said,

    This post is absolutely ridiculous. Five Guys burgers are like heaven in my mouth… First, there is the walk up to order your burger. You are immediately enamored with the feel of the restaurant as you perhaps grab a small box of peanuts while you wait in line. As you draw ever so close to the front of the line your mouth waters with the thought of all the possible combinations of toppings and patties you could put on your burger. Then you order and what do you notice? Hey I am only spending at max 6$ for a burger and add a drink and fries and its about $10. WOW, that ain’t bad. Then you get your food. You open the aluminum and see the succulent mouthwatering burger with bacon and lettuce and bbq sauce slathered on top of the two beautifully cooked burger patties. The first bite you take is as if a choir of angels were singing above your head and then you realize… This is no mere mortal burger. This was put here on Earth by the divine. The Fries are another story all together not only are they delicious but they come with a delightful gimmick that makes me smile every time i come; BAG-FRIES! The greatest creation EVER! This burger makes me regret every burger i have had before it. Red Robin does not compare. IN-n-Out Burger does not compare. This is the all-around greatest burger known to man. And if you have any self-respect you will rescind your statement immediately. This post should be deleted and the contributor should no longer be allowed to write for my latest distraction… It’s nothing personal… its just personal

  • Kevinmld said,

    Plus matt did you know Five Guys sites are not allowed to have freezers in their restaurants? It’s to ensure they only use the freshest ingredients. It’s true. I read it on one of the articles on their walls.

  • Brendan said,

    P.S. Syracuse just got our first Five Guys last week and I’ve been there twice already… My buddy Jeff and I made a video of the experience today… it will be up on facebook shortly if it isn’t already by the time you read this

  • Amanda said,

    It’s truly like Brendan is sitting at the table eating with us. My husband and I have said most of the same to each other. Five Guys is our default place to grab a bite. Our children love it there too. So much so that our two year old will only eat burgers from Five Guys.

  • Brendan said,

  • Catranis said,

    I’m with you on five guys being over rated. If anything it’s the poor mans in and out burger. Even Carl’s Jr. beats them hands down on taste… Funny read though, I just took my kids to burger bar here in Amsterdam as it’s been hyped by most of the folks I know here and was throughly disappointed with both the angus and “Kobe” burgers. There’s only two decent burger places in town as far as I can tell, Boom Chicago and Hard Rock.

  • Colleen said,

    Obama likes Five Guys. Therefore you, sir, are Unamerican.

  • Vicky said,

    So I FINALLY tried a Five Guys burger last night. I can say it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t the best burger I’ve had. The fries are really good, and I also have to agree with Matt and say there are several similarities to Nifty Fifties. The fries are the same style/taste, and they even have the sign showing where the potatoes were shipped from on any given day. A positive note for 5G is that a regular burger from Five Guys is equivalent to a Nifty Fifties double burger, and the fries were better tasting. As for service, the staff seemed a little rowdy with preparing/calling orders, which is a little distracting if you’re trying to actually hold a conversation during your meal. Keep in mind I went to the Feasterville location so maybe service/preparation varies at other locations?
    On that note, I’ll take Five Guys to go… down the street to Nifty Fifties to get a shake with my meal.

  • JOHN said,

    My wife and I tried 5 guys yesterday. 2 single burgers, 2 drinks, 1 regular fry for a total of over $16. Burgers were ok, not spectacular at all; not as large as I would have thought the burger would be.

    We dined in and got everything in a bag. Lots of fries – some in a cup, rest in the bag, which we tore open to eat the fries from. (No plates or trays.)

    Wife liked that the fries had no salt.

    We both thought the prices were a ripoff. $5.19 a burger without cheeze. Bottled water was $1.79.

    The staff was real nice.

    Am just outside Detroit, MI.

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