Days of Future Past – Looking back on MLD’s First Three Years

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It’s a special day here at My Latest Distraction as we celebrate our third anniversary. Thank you again to everyone that stops by. You are a big part of what keeps us going. Whether you’re a regular reader or a just here for a fleeting moment every visit something we find thrilling.

A few weeks ago we discussed MLD’s most popular posts from the past year, and today we decided to spotlight some of our favorite posts from throughout our history. Despite the X-Men reference in the title and comic books being the dominant topic on the site most weeks, you won’t find much spandex among our selections this time around.

Don’t Let Babies Happen to You

KevinMLD: I love this post mostly because it came less than a year before the birth of PTB and Angelique’s first child. Clearly they did not heed the warning, but I did! If Barack Obama and I.P. Freely think we should stop babies in our lifetime, who am I to argue?

AMC Theaters Best Picture Showcase – LIVE

Angelique: Really, KevinMLD? You’re going to spend the ENTIRE day at the movie theater? REALLY? This post didn’t get nearly the attention it deserved. If you haven’t seen some of these movies yet…this post might not encourage you to do so.

Macro Snow Day

PTB: Something I really appreciate about our site is the eye catching photos we’ve had to go along with a lot of our posts. All credit for that goes to Angelique because even the decent images I’ve clumsily managed to generate are a direct result of her training. This post was a simple report on her experimenting with her Lensbaby macro lens with some amazing results.

Five Guys Couldn’t Drag Me Back

KevinMLD: This is one of my favorite posts mostly due to the backlash it inspired. It was really a simple and short post in which Matt expressed his dissatisfaction with a meal at Five Guys, and it ignited Burger War I. It even solicited a video rebuttal. Unfortunately, I think this may have been the first step towards Matt discontinuing writing for MLD on a regular basis. That’s the way it goes sometimes when you put your opinion out on the internet. Sometimes people disagree with you and they’re not always nice about it (Here’s a recent example!). I think it’s time to revisit the subject with a review of Elevation Burger… Maybe one of these days.

Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear)

Angelique: We don’t tend to get political on MLD, and this post isn’t any different. I love that it shows up constantly on our Facebook page. Who ISN’T concerned that “gay robots are coming”?!

What went wrong with wrestling

PTB: This was one of Brian’s first posts on the site and looking back on it, it’s as relevant in 2012 as it was two years ago. Since Brian and have teamed up for our weekly Monday Night Raw Warm Ups, there have been signs that some of the magic wrestling had for us has kids might be returning but there is still a long way to go to recapture all of that appeal. It’s also interesting that we’re heading into another Royal Rumble given the context of this post. It always stands out as one of our favorite events of the year.

Rival Schools to Release Second Album a Decade Later… or Fun with Youtube

KevinMLD: I’ve always wished MLD did a better job covering music, but what can I say? We’re probably too old now and out of touch with what’s really happening though to do it any justice. But with a new Rival Schools record on its way, this post was a blast to write. I spent hours digging through old youtube videos from the 90s of Walter Schreifels’ various bands. He really has had an amazing and diverse career. If you haven’t heard Quicksand, you really owe it to yourself to check them out. These days Walter is splitting time between Rival Schools and his solo work. His solo stuff is super poppy and stripped down, but still a good show. These clips might not show it, but he’s pretty funny on stage. Plus he plays songs from his entire catalog and covers tons of hardcore classics. Here’s a clip we recorded of Schreifels playing a solo show in Collingswood, NJ in September 2011.

These aren’t the bees you’re looking for

Angelique: This post was the spawn of a ridiculous iChat conversation between myself and KevinMLD. It’s a favorite because it constantly gets hits from people searching for “cartoon bees”.

Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Wife

PTB: Kevin often comments that you can tell how excited Doctor Who makes me when I write about it here and this review of Neil Gaiman’s The Doctor’s Wife is a prime example. In fact, he once told me he wished he liked anything as much as I like Doctor Who. I’ve honestly been watching the show for as long as I can remember and I have high hopes with the 50th anniversary coming in 2013 as well as the X-Men’s 50th that same year.

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Happy Birthday, MLD
MLD enters the terrible twos

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