A very distracting day

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2011 is rapidly approaching its conclusion and everyone here at MLD would like to thank all of our visitors for stopping by this year. The distractions were many and today has been no different.

Birds, babies and Doctor Who have all been a big part of the day that extended into some incredibly fun gifts this year. The Doctor’s part in things will continue right into tonight’s Christmas Special on BBC America that has become something of a holiday tradition around here.

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A very distracting year

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2010 has been a very distracting year. We’re celebrating an Alien Christmas tonight with Doctor Who and DC’s Larfleeze Christmas Cookies!

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Christmas Day with Doctor Who

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It really is Christmas this year as the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on December 25th in the U.S. on BBCAmerica. The only downside is that my local television signal provider does not carry that channel in high definition. This is minor since I won’t have to wait even one day to see what’s in store for The Doctor, Rory Campbell and Amy Pond this year, but still it would be nice.

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Worst Gift Ever

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I’m sure many people would say the ugly sweater is one of the worst gifts to receive.  I disagree for many reasons.  First of all, people have ugly sweater parties.  Its not like you would want to go out and buy a sweater for said party.  If you received one at any point as a gift, you are golden.   Read more of this article »