The Day of the Doctor

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Doctor_Who_50th_AnniversaryIt’s been a long time since I’ve written about anything other than the comics I’m buying each week, but it feels like even longer that I’ve been waiting for today’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. A worldwide commercial-free simulcast of the anniversary episode at 2:40PM this afternoon is enough to break the silence.

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REVIEW Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #6

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I’ve avoided discussing IDW’s Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time for a while now because I felt it wasn’t progressing in any meaningful way. Looking back at the brief comments I’d made regarding everything beyond the first issue in my weekly pull list posts, I was afraid my criticism would have become redundant. Each issue has provided a fun new adventure for each of the Doctor’s first six incarnations, but they have essentially been isolated tales  of a particular Doctor and his companions with little connective tissue to hold the issues together.That all changes with the arrival of issue #6 in comic shops this week, and my interest and excitement for the series has been renewed.

Spoilers for the issue and series will follow.

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Buy handmade, Buy awesome

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If you’re like me, you like stuff. You probably at least have someone in your life that likes stuff. Maybe someone you have a hard time finding gifts for. Oh. You don’t buy gifts for special people? They said they didn’t want anything? They lied. Everyone likes getting presents.

I love stuff. My husband loves stuff even more than me. If you are a regular reader, you know he likes really geeky stuff in particular. Usually, I am really bad at gifts. Really bad. This year, I outdid myself. All thanks to Etsy.

I’m here today, to tell you Etsy is not just for girls, and I wanted to highlight some of the shops and crafters I have worked with in the past few months.

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A very distracting day

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2011 is rapidly approaching its conclusion and everyone here at MLD would like to thank all of our visitors for stopping by this year. The distractions were many and today has been no different.

Birds, babies and Doctor Who have all been a big part of the day that extended into some incredibly fun gifts this year. The Doctor’s part in things will continue right into tonight’s Christmas Special on BBC America that has become something of a holiday tradition around here.

Check out MLD’s past Christmas coverage and enjoy your holidays!


REVIEW: Doctor Who – Closing Time

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I enjoy when the Doctor interacts with regular people and James Corden’s appearances on Doctor Who have really highlighted those moments. Closing Time makes for a fun episode, but it’s not one I’m likely to go back to often even though I truly enjoy Cordon’s portrayal of Craig Owens. There’s a looming sense of dread about what lies in the Doctor’s immediate future and his true reasons for visiting his friend at this time, but I’m more than ready for some resolution to this season’s mysteries surrounding the Doctor’s death.

Spoilers for what lurks in department store changing rooms, out of service elevators, and baby talk will follow.

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