The Day of the Doctor

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Doctor_Who_50th_AnniversaryIt’s been a long time since I’ve written about anything other than the comics I’m buying each week, but it feels like even longer that I’ve been waiting for today’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. A worldwide commercial-free simulcast of the anniversary episode at 2:40PM this afternoon is enough to break the silence.

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REVIEW: Wolverine #300

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Even though I dislike all the renumbering Marvel does, I’m a sucker for their manufactured milestone issues. While I’m not a huge fan of the title character, last Wednesday’s Wolverine #300 was another fun read from another aggregated landmark. Jason Aaron and a team of artists bring a big story that includes the return of a major Wolverine villain, a new path for another, and a new Silver Samurai along with most of Logan’s Japan-based supporting cast. Aaron has said this will be his last arc on Wolverine (though he’ll still write the character in the pages of Wolverine and the X-Men) and he’s clearly planning to go big before going home.

Spoilers for Wolverine #300 will follow.

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MLD enters the terrible twos

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Originally published in Wonka Vision Magazine, June 2006.

Today marks another anniversary for MyLatestDistraction and it’s hard to believe how fast the time flies. What’s even harder to believe is this article, titled “My Latest Distraction: Lights, Cameras, Action Figures,” that we unearthed during our recent move. It’s not all that old, but obviously that title really caught my attention. Apparently, MLD has been a distraction going back to before this site even existed.

The issue of Wonka Vision Magazine featuring this article was dedicated to toys and action figures of all kinds and even had three variant covers. The feature was an interview with Todd McFarlane, who we ran into back at the Baltimore Comic Con.


I Am the Victor : a short musing on where we dined for our anniversary

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Took the summer off mostly. Sorry about that, MLD. I return to tell you of a culinary adventure embarked upon by yours truly and Mrs Lydonwrites, namely our anniversary dinner at the Victor Cafe in South Philly.

The Victor Cafe is situated at 1301 Dickinson St and is a converted row house (like many fine eateries) in this fair city. The food is Italian cuisine, mostly southern Italian, featuring some usual suspects in chicken, veal and fish dishes, with specials made daily by the chef. You don’t see what you like, chances are you can order up something special from the kitchen. Mrs Lydonwrites had a tortelloni in a cream sauce with asparagus and prosciutto, while I had the Linguine Calamari Faust, which was a fancy way of saying linguine fra diavolo. Why do it that way? Well…

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Happy Birthday Pac-Man!

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Today marks Pac-Man’s 30th birthday and I was just pointed to Google’s acknowledgment of this special day.

And yes, it’s playable…