MLD’s Most Popular Posts of 2011

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Happy New Year from everyone at MyLatestDistraction! The start of a new year is typically a time when people look back at the one that’s ending, and 2011 was a big year for MLD. That has everything to do with our readers, so rather than make a “best of” we’ve decided to take a look back at our most popular posts from 2011. These were determined based on the number of people who came to read them throughout the year. In some cases, our highest traffic posts of 2011 were actually originally published in 2010, but that didn’t mean they’ve collected any dust since they were published.

Also be sure to check out what’s recently gotten a lot of attention on MyLatestDistraction (including a recent review of Marvel’s Uncanny X-Force #19 (part of X-Men Regenesis) and one of our weekly WWE Monday Night Raw Warm Ups). What’s currently “trending” can always be accessed in the sidebar under “Popular Posts.”

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MLD enters the terrible twos

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Originally published in Wonka Vision Magazine, June 2006.

Today marks another anniversary for MyLatestDistraction and it’s hard to believe how fast the time flies. What’s even harder to believe is this article, titled “My Latest Distraction: Lights, Cameras, Action Figures,” that we unearthed during our recent move. It’s not all that old, but obviously that title really caught my attention. Apparently, MLD has been a distraction going back to before this site even existed.

The issue of Wonka Vision Magazine featuring this article was dedicated to toys and action figures of all kinds and even had three variant covers. The feature was an interview with Todd McFarlane, who we ran into back at the Baltimore Comic Con.


Thank You from All of Us @ MLD

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June has been far and away our most successful month here at MLD in terms of traffic. We hit a nice little milestone tonight, so thank you to everyone who has visited our site and read our posts.

Also, thank you to anyone who has reposted a link to the site or gotten involved in the discussions about the articles.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has contributed content to the site to date.

If you enjoy what we do, please follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook. It means a lot to us.

This month has been immeasurably encouraging for all of us. We’ll have to celebrate this weekend… Maybe at Five Guys.