MLD Best of 2010

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After another great year here at My Latest Distraction, we were able to get everyone together and talk about what we liked most in 2010. Lady Gaga and Inception and zombies were clearly favorites for some, but there’s really a little bit of everything in here.

It seems like the distant past already, but here’s MLD’s Best of 2010 along with a personal note from each of us. Categories include: music, movies, comic books, food, sports and pants!

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Thank You from All of Us @ MLD

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June has been far and away our most successful month here at MLD in terms of traffic. We hit a nice little milestone tonight, so thank you to everyone who has visited our site and read our posts.

Also, thank you to anyone who has reposted a link to the site or gotten involved in the discussions about the articles.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has contributed content to the site to date.

If you enjoy what we do, please follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook. It means a lot to us.

This month has been immeasurably encouraging for all of us. We’ll have to celebrate this weekend… Maybe at Five Guys.