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After another great year here at My Latest Distraction, we were able to get everyone together and talk about what we liked most in 2010. Lady Gaga and Inception and zombies were clearly favorites for some, but there’s really a little bit of everything in here.

It seems like the distant past already, but here’s MLD’s Best of 2010 along with a personal note from each of us. Categories include: music, movies, comic books, food, sports and pants!

Brian: By far my favorite moment of the year was the birth of my son. Before him, I had a lot of favorites. Now, the thing that makes me the happiest is waking up each morning and seeing him smile.

Jayco: The thing I enjoyed the most was the exodus of users from digg.com to reddit.com.  It’ll be an interesting case study and cautionary tale about the separation of company’s direction and ideals versus the needs/wants of it’s users (myspace anyone?).  Maybe that’s the difficulty of monetizing a product in an arena dictated solely by social perspective, regardless, I’m glad that it pushed me towards the reddit.com.  Except for the fact that when I was asked for the highlight of my year, a website popped in my head.

KatieD: Although some people look down on it, I love how passionate I am about tv and how seriously I take it.  Despite the fact that I am not maniacally devoted to anything currently on tv (the way I was for Buffy or Veronica Mars) I thought overall, 2010 was a strong year for tv.  Sure there were things that disappointed me (not thrilled about the way I said goodbye to either Jack last May), but Fringe was awesome, Breakng Bad was RIDICULOUS, I stopped fighting the power of Vampire Diaries and my belief in sitcoms was restored (Community, Cougar Town, and Modern Family were all consistently laugh out loud funny).  And before I sign off, I just want to give a shout out to Better Off Ted, a quality show that should not have been cancelled. Boo to you, ABC.

Kamila: 2010 was one of my favorite years ever! It’s really hard to pin down just one favorite thing about the year.  It was one of those years that, if someone told me on January 1st, where I would be on December 31st, literally and figuratively, I would not believe them.  Too vague?  It was a year of trying new things, traveling, adventuring, soul searching and learning.  And last but not least, I fully embraced my love of zombies, which I don’t see ending any time soon.

LydonWrites: For those that don’t know me and have never seen me in person, yours truly is possessed of a corpulent frame. To that end, buying pants that fit properly for the dangerously swelled middle section of the American male in his 30s either means dropping SERIOUS cash at men’s fine apparel stores, or hoping to get off the rack clothes that actually fit. Department stores are at war with my middle, often snickering a silent “Sorry, fat man! No big and tall for YOU! Have a salad!” But Walmart, where America TRULY shops, is different. They seem to know about the above average weight of American males making below average wages that still need to look good. Both pairs of my dressy action slacks were extremely affordable, fit well, and help me rock the the educational worlds of disinterested teens, all while looking damn handsome for a bulbous, lumpy gentleman who is old enough to be their dad. Clothes, even from Walmart, make the man.

Ryan: 2010 featured a string of great Philadelphia sports moments including: Jayson Werth’s walk off home run over the Washington Nationals, 09/19/2010, Roy Halladay’s no-hitter in playoffs, 10/06/2010, Flyers beating Bruins 4-3 in game 7, DeSean Jackson’s runback against Giants. I think all I did was watch sports in 2010.  That will change for sure in 2011.

Angelique: Getting pregnant is definitely the best part of 2010. It forced us to turn our lives upside down and change everything. I got to eat more, and since I only wanted spicy food, there has been a ton of Mexican, Indian, and Cajun food. We bought a house and nearly doubled our living space and the adventure has only just begun!

KevinMLD: Remember how much you enjoyed the first half of the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World? You know, before it devolved into an hour of dumb fights? That’s what the Scott Pilgrim comics are like. Hundreds of pages spent hanging out with these interesting and super well defined characters with each volume capped off with a short fight against one of the evil ex-es. I consumed the entire series twice over the course of a few weeks this summer and I just couldn’t wait for the final volume, Scott Pilgrim’s Final Hour. The series is laugh out loud funny and I’m bummed that Bryan Lee O’Malley is moving on to other projects. I can’t help but hope they fail miserably and he’s forced to crawl back to the world of Scott Pilgrim to avoid poverty. Is that mean? And Edgar Wright? You’re an idiot for leaving out the robots!

PTB: I’ve never had a year like 2010 before. The number of big moments is astounding as I’ve gone through a graduation, bought a house and started preparing for a baby all in the past year. There was time for comic books, movies and music as well, but how can they really compare? Actually, I did record some guest vocals for an album and play a show. That was pretty cool, not PhD/house/baby cool, but pretty cool. There was also a lot more MLD in my life last year and for a site dedicated to distractions, it surprisingly helped keep me focused. Thanks for reading.


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  • kamila harris said,

    OH MAN LADY GAGA, how quickly i have abandoned thee. Yeah, Fame Monster was definitely also in my top 5 albums and that show was my second favorite after Bad Religion.

  • ptb said,

    I was actually surprised when you didn’t try to work her in as your answer in every category. She’ll be heartbroken when she sees this.

  • kamila harris said,


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