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If you’re like me, you like stuff. You probably at least have someone in your life that likes stuff. Maybe someone you have a hard time finding gifts for. Oh. You don’t buy gifts for special people? They said they didn’t want anything? They lied. Everyone likes getting presents.

I love stuff. My husband loves stuff even more than me. If you are a regular reader, you know he likes really geeky stuff in particular. Usually, I am really bad at gifts. Really bad. This year, I outdid myself. All thanks to Etsy.

I’m here today, to tell you Etsy is not just for girls, and I wanted to highlight some of the shops and crafters I have worked with in the past few months.

All three shops are offering a 10% discount to My Latest Distraction readers. Look for the coupon code at the end of the post after you see their AMAZING work 🙂

Shop the Modern Stylographer on Etsy

The Modern Stylographer – I initially stumbled upon Christian’s shop when I was searching for Doctor Who related items. He designs minimalist prints for a variety of subjects. His series based on episodes titles for Doctor Who were incredibly well done.

The Doctor's WifeJourney's EndThe Day of The MoonRoseThe problem for us (me) was deciding on which one to get since we don’t have a lot of wall space left. When we couldn’t decide, I instead contacted Christian and asked him do a custom design piece for me. He had some comic book characters in his shop already, but as you may know, Havok is a favorite of ptb’s. We also modified it to be square from Christian’s usual rectangular format.

Needless to say it is awesome.

Shop Randomly Generated on Etsy

Randomly Generated – The next gift was given at Christmas. These were a complete surprise for ptb and part of our Doctor Who Christmas. Jen started her shop in 2010 with a 10th Doctor with Donna Noble peg doll set and seems to have taken off from there. I can totally see why. I had to get him the entire set.

Her hand painted peg dolls are perfectly detailed, something you rarely see with mass produced items. Also readily available in her shop are Ghostbusters, The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Star Wars, and so many others.  Don’t see what you want? Just like Christian, feel free to contact Jen and see what she can do! She is open to any character, but does not do commissioned personal pieces.

Shop Hooked on Fun on Etsy

Hooked On Fun – The last shop I want to share is just starting up. Rachel is a very talented crochet artist. Before you think this is definitely for girls only, look at what she made for us:

Seriously. When I saw her sack boy, I knew we had to have a Havok and Polaris set. There was an expected disappointment when we got PlayStation’s Little Big Planet 2 and ptb’s favorite characters were not included in the Marvel pack of costumes. Havok came right in time to be a Valentine’s Day gift and Polaris was a special Leap Day gift. Since her shop has just opened, Rachel is looking forward to any ideas MLD readers may have for her. She had a great time creating Havok and Polaris and is looking forward to adding many more characters to her shop.

There you have it! Three great shops that prove Etsy isn’t just for girls. Now go place your orders! Just use the coupon code DISTRACTION when checking out on Etsy.

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