Christmas Day with Doctor Who

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It really is Christmas this year as the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on December 25th in the U.S. on BBCAmerica. The only downside is that my local television signal provider does not carry that channel in high definition. This is minor since I won’t have to wait even one day to see what’s in store for The Doctor, Rory Campbell and Amy Pond this year, but still it would be nice.

While I’m sure I’ll enjoy this episode, it’s difficult not to think back to last year and wonder how it can possibly compare to the two part epic (airing on December 26th and January 2nd) that marked David Tennant’s exit from the series. Anything that spans multiple episodes has the potential to be greater than any single show, but putting that aside, what can possibly compare to the return of the Timelords, the Master and Timothy Dalton as Rassilon himself? It’s almost unfair to expect anything to hold up against that especially since it brought together storylines that go back to beginning of the series.

Speaking of Timothy Dalton, he’s had a great run as a villain in the past few years with Doctor Who and Hot Fuzz, but I’m really looking forward to what’s next for him on Chuck. It’s really been fun seeing him in these roles and I hope whoever the villain is on this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special is even half as enjoyable to watch. I’d even settle for a villain the caliber of Craig Ferguson.

Check out all of the Doctor Who stuff here on the site and the trailers below to get yourselves in the Christmas spirit (I included two as my gift to you) . There’s lots of snow and cold stuff and I just can’t get enough of that. Also, “silence will fall.”

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