The Late Late Doctor Who Show Song (and Dance)

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KevinMLD is always looking out for me and my interests when he’s out and about in the world, and that includes the internet. Whether he comes across an action figure he thinks I’ll be interested in or sees an article I’ll want to read, he’s sure to send me a note.

Tonight, he pretty much made my week.

Two weeks ago, Kevin came across a post on USA Today’s Pop Candy about Craig Ferguson’s recent Late Late Show dedicated entirely to Doctor Who. You should check it out! There are links to YouTube clips of the entire show. I haven’t written anything about Ferguson or his Late Late Show here (I’ve probably written too much about Doctor Who for some people’s tastes), but the times I’ve watched it have always been good for a few laughs.

The Doctor Who tribute show was no exception. Ferguson is obviously a fan and it was a fun hour of late night television. It was even Matt Smith’s first US talk show appearance. There was something missing though, as Ferguson explains in the opening.

The dance number which was planned for the opening had to be cut minutes before taping began because the producers didn’t have the rights to use the Doctor Who theme music (which was set to include lyrics penned by Ferguson). As Ferguson went on to mention, the dance was performed in rehearsal and Kevin came through again with a link (this time to Bleeding Cool) just moments ago informing me that the video has just made its way to YouTube.

Please enjoy The Triumph of Intellect and Romance over Brute Force and Cynicism. It pretty much says everything you need to know about Doctor Who.

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