The Great Food Truck Race premieres tonight at 10PM on Food Network

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Angie is a big fan of food, and her interest in all things Food Network has become infectious. It started with a Chopped marathon that kept me up late one night long after she’d fall asleep after turning it on, and led to my watching this season of The Next Food Network Star with her every week. I’m even rooting for “The Sandwich King” Jeff Mauro because his motto of “every meal into a sandwich, every sandwich into a meal” agrees nicely with my life plan. Even though we skip the commercials of nearly everything we watch anymore, it was impossible not to catch promotional material for this new season of The Great Food Truck Race and it looks like it will nicely fill the void after tonight’s Food Network Star finale .

At one point, I truly hated the tiny food truck graphic that rolled across the screen seemingly during every segment I watched on Food Network. I don’t really like screen real estate being used that way, but the most infuriating part was the honking horn. Despite my initial reaction to the advertising, I’ve actually come to be very interested in the show. I don’t know much about food or cooking, but I know food trucks. Host Tyler Florence isn’t a personality that I’m sold on, but I’m willing to give this show a chance tonight.

The new season of The Great Food Truck Race premieres tonight at 10PM on Food Network after the Food Network Star finale. It caps off a full day of food programming in our home as we’ll certainly be watching to see the winner of Food Network Star and diving into the Chopped: All Stars Tournament airing right now. It almost makes up for a rain out of today’s Phillies game.

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