Putting Reviews in Perspective.

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It occurs to me in rereading my reviews from yesterday that perhaps they would provide more value if I had placed the relative “like” or “dislike” into some sort of scale like everyone else in the world who reviews things does.

So what I’m going to propose is using a scale of 1-5 to rate the level of distraction that the movie, comic, music etc. provided. I figure the higher the rating the more welcome the distraction. Now lowly rated items may still be very distracting, however just not in a good way.

So what about:
1 – Your parrots screaming along with Rock Band 2. (What?  You don’t have that problem?)
2 – Christian Bale’s Batman voice.
3 – A bee hanging around your blanket during a picnic on a summer day.
4 – The troll guy who holds the locker room door during Sixers games.
5 – Porn being slipped into the Super Bowl during the best play of the game.

Just throwing it out there. This may still need more consideration.

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