Who Watches the Watchmen?

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So I know I went out to see the Watchmen last week, but I haven’t been able to catch up with the other members of MLD to ask them what THEY thought. What say, folks?

I did read the graphic novel a year or two ago, before I even knew there would be a movie. I read it because of rumors that the storytelling devices Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore employed were how the writers/producers of LOST told their story, at least in the first 3 seasons. Not only was that hugely evident on first reading the book, the complexity with how the lives of all the characters lives, both good and bad, became interconnected became a jumping off point to ask deeper questions, both in terms of the LOST universe and the Watchmen universe. But that is perhaps beyond the scope of what I’m trying to say here.

I liked it, though there were some differences from the graphic novel that were irksome. Overall, though, I think Zach Snyder (of “300” fame) did a respectable job at trying to film a heretofore unfilmable comic book.

No spoilers here, but I’ll join the chorus and say: BEST… OPENING… CREDITS… EVER! Just wish Snyder could have gone a little more in-depth with both Rorschach and Adrian’s stories.

See it, and I reiterate my question to my MLD cohorts… What say, folks?

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  • Kevin said,

    Overall I enjoyed the film. But like a lot of people I just couldn’t get passed the ending. Snyder kept so close to the book throughout most of the film that I just don’t buy people wouldn’t have been able to swallow the original ending. I mean sure the book’s ending is MADNESS… but Snyder took us to Mars and Antartica… is that any less crazy? And the ending he DID choose in my opinion would unite the world against the U.S. It was our weapon that was responsible for the millions of deaths.

    I think I would have been open to the ending changing but not the way they did it.

    It was admirable effort, but not a total success. But I’ll take it over most of the other comic book movies that get made.

  • Angelique said,

    I thought it was a very visual movie to watch.

    also – geeks STINK – like literally. they smell. especially NJ ones.

    No offense Kevin.

  • ptb said,

    I too enjoyed the live action rendition of Watchmen, and I agree that the movie looked great. The more I think about it, I actually think I enjoyed the movie more than the comic book. The were elements that were just more obvious to me seeing it on screen and I actually prefer the movie ending. I agree that the events should have had a polarizing effect with the world turning against the US, but I’m willing to believe that it unified the people of that world.

    I think the real issue I have is that I’m just not a huge Watchmen fan. In some ways, I want to be. It’s just that when it comes right down to it, I can’t get that invested in that world. Regardless, it’s a very good movie, and I’m sure I’ll watch the epic director’s cut when that becomes available.

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