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Fall premiere time is usually my favorite time of year, but this season I was a little underwhelmed by the new crop of shows. However, I agreed to check out a bunch of pilots so I could report back my thoughts. I was surprised how much I liked a few of these shows. I’m also quite surprised that a few of these are still around—I heard a rumor that Fox is holding off whacking the Mob Doctor until the World Series are over.

Since the fall season started a month ago reviews & ratings for all of these shows are available, so we have a general idea of what shows are performing and what shows are not. In my opinion NBC is one of the big winners this fall season as it looks like its comedy block is performing –NBC shows are performing so well in fact, that they are cutting shows slated as midseason replacements (Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane is now going to be a one episode special and the network recently cancelled Dane Cook’s Next Caller BEFORE it even aired). Anyhoo, I would say overall this crop of shows is stronger than I first thought, although I don’t think there is anything here that I would miss terribly if it went away (though I’m hoping after a few episodes I will be fully devoted to Nashville)… Read on for my reviews!


666 Park Avenue (ABC 10:00)
Terry O’Quinn (Lost), Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives), Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters)

A young couple moves into swanky building as the new managers. Too bad the building is haunted! I wasn’t a big fan of this show. I didn’t connect with any of the characters and I didn’t think it was scary or creepy (and I’m a big wimp when it comes to that). I really wanted to like it because I love Terry O’Quinn, but it was a no go for me. Based on the initial ratings, I don’t think it will be around too long.


Partners (CBS 8:30)
Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), David Krumholtz (Numb3rs), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill), Brandon Routh (Chuck)

Two architect best friends (one gay, one straight) navigate life and love. This was one of the few that I just couldn’t watch. I did hear from a trusted source that it was pretty terrible. This was my vote for one of the first to go.

Revolution (NBC 10:00)
David Lyons (The Cape), Billy Burke (24), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad)

Lights go out, ten years later a group of rebels try to bring the power back on. I really want to like this show but the pilot didn’t completely grab me. The cast is (mostly) likable enough (I was way too excited to see The Cape again), although I was a smidge concerned that the brother & sister were going to fall victim to the annoying teenager stereotype. After watching a few episodes I’m glad that they both have some backbone, and the backstory with Monroe-Miles has me intrigued, but I’m still not fully invested. If the show was cancelled tomorrow, would I be upset? Not really. I’m also not sure how long they can maintain the story. KT’s Season Pass. Update-Full season from NBC

The Mob Doctor (Fox 9:00)
Jordana Spiro (My Boys), Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights)

I tried this show just so I could tell you how bad it is and it did not disappoint on that front. In order to save her brother from a mob debt, Dr. Grace Devlin decides to become….a mob doctor! I did not particularly like any of the characters. Grace was too self-important. She’s the only one in the hospital that really knows what she’s doing! She’s the only one that really cares!! BLECH. Even my beloved Zach Gilford (Seven!) didn’t add anything, he was too wimpy for me here. The only person that I was even remotely interested in was William Forsythe’s Constantine but it was not enough for me to tune in again. One of my picks to go quickly.


Ben and Kate (Fox 8:30)

Single mom lives with her immature brother and raises a daughter. To be completely honest, I never would have watched this show if I wasn’t writing this. From the commercials I thought this was going to be just another dumb sitcom. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the show had a lot of heart (without being too gooey) and the cast was extremely likable. I wouldn’t say this show is the funniest sitcom on TV but I enjoyed it very much and I think it fits very nicely with Fox’s Tuesday night comedy lineup (along with Raising Hope, New Girl and The Mindy Project). KT’s season pass. –Update- Fox ordered six additional episodes

Go On (NBC 9:00)
Matthew Perry (Friends)

Sportscaster is forced into group therapy to deal with his wife’s death. Full disclosure. I’ve loved Matthew Perry ever since he showed up as Carol’s boyfriend on Growing Pains. That was one of my first experiences with “a very special episode” and boy did I cry my 10 year old heart out when he died after a drunk driving accident. My point is I’m not sure I’m unbiased when it comes to Matthew Perry. I’ve tried every show he’s been in and probably stayed longer than I should have for a few of them. That being said, I think Go On is the most successful sitcom he has done since Friends. Obviously I like Perry and he’s very Chandler-ish in this. I like the dynamic with his group and while there are some odd ducks they are not over the top. My problem with this show is that I don’t think it is terribly funny. Ben & Kate gives me a warm and snuggly feeling, so it doesn’t bother me as much that I’m not laughing or rolling off the couch. I think there is something missing from Go On. That being said, it is currently on my season pass list. Update-Full season from NBC

The New Normal (NBC 9:30)
Ellen Barkin (Oceans Thirteen), Andrew Rannells (Girls), Justin Bartha (The Hangover), NeNe Leakes (Glee)

Gay couple enlists a single mother to be their surrogate. This is another show that was not on my “To Watch” list. I was pleasantly surprised by the pilot. I thought it was very sweet. For me, Andrew Rannells is the real star here. He has a lot of the best lines and I really like his relationship with the little girl. My biggest problem with this show is Ellen Barkin. I think she is way too over the top. Not to say that it is Barkin’s fault, I think she is doing the best with the character given to her. I’m a pretty liberal girl, and if I think that the show is a little too preachy and Barkin is too much of a characterture than I can just imagine what someone more conservative might think. My brother, who loves raunchy jokes (he thinks Two Broke Girls is hysterical), thinks that Barkin is great and that the show is very funny. I had upgraded it to my season pass list but then when I liked the Fox shows so much I had to cut something from my viewing schedule. This is what I cut. Update-Full season from NBC

The Mindy Project (Fox 9:30)
Mindy Kaling (The Office)

Imagine Bridget Jones as an OB/GYN. This is a show that some people will love and others will hate. I thought it was fabulous. In the first five minutes of the show Mindy explains how she grew up wanting to fall in love in a movie (we see her watching When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail and Notting Hill). I thought I was watching my life on TV (I think there is a whole generation who will feel the same way). I love how she’s living her life as if she were in a movie (doing the voice overs on the subway), but I could definitely see where a lot of people (i.e. some men) wouldn’t be able to handle this type of show. I’ve seen the first two episodes and laughed several times during both. I think this is one of the strongest of the new crop. KT Season Pass. Update-Full season Fox.

Vegas (CBS 10:00)
Dennis Quaid (Innerspace), Michael Chiklis (The Shield), Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix), Jason O’Mara (Terra Nova)

Battle for power in 1960’s Vegas. Yeah I made it nineteen minutes into this one before I turned it off. I couldn’t handle Dennis Quaid’s face (he looked severely constipated).


Animal Practice (NBC 8:00)
Justin Kirk (Weeds)

Quirky veterinarian. I had very low expectations for this one. While I did enjoy the pilot much more than I thought I would (there were a couple of laughs). I haven’t watched another episode. I meant to but I just forgot to record it again. And then when I remembered that I forgot I didn’t bother downloading it from on-demand.

Guys with Kids (NBC 8:30)
Anthony Anderson (Law & Order), Jesse Bradford (Bring It On), Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos), Tempestt Bledsoe (The Cosby Show)

Another obvious title, this show follows three guys… with kids! Yet another show I had VERY low expectations for. It was way too sitcom-y (You know like in Happy Days when the Fonz would come in and say “Heeeey” and the crowd would go wild? Yeah, that worked in 1976, no so much now). Also, we hated the ex-wife with a fiery passion. I will never watch it again.

Arrow (CW 8:00)

Focuses on DC comic hero Green Arrow.
I was going to skip this until I found out that Greg Berlanti (Everwood) was involved. While watching this show I realized that Hollywood doesn’t make comic book movies/shows for the people that read comic books. They make comic book movies/shows because they don’t have any original ideas and the majority of us DON’T read comic books. My point here is that they can change whatever they want and the vast majority of us won’t know the difference. Quick side rant: This is like when I went to see Potter 6 in the theater and I was twitching because I hated it so much—Burning down the burrow!?! BAH!!! But my husband who hadn’t read the books sat in ignorant bliss. To make a long story short (too late), I didn’t hate it. Do I think it looked a lot like Batman? Sure. Do I really care? Nope. I haven’t promoted this to season pass status but I enjoyed it enough to give it a second viewing. Update-the premiere of Arrow was the highest rated show on the CW in 3 years.

The Neighbors (ABC 8:30)
Jami Gertz (Still Standing)

A family moves into suburbia and discovers their neighbors are aliens. Seriously. I couldn’t do it. Sorry.

Nashville (ABC 10:00)
Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes)

Follows two country stars on opposite ends of the career spectrum. I love Connie Britton. She will always be Tami Taylor to me. I was really excited for this show and then I was terrified because everyone said it was the best new show and we know what happened to last year’s best new show (Lone Star anyone?). I’m happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot. I immediately liked Rayna and even though Hayden Panettiere’s Juliette is a sketchy hussy I did feel for her when they elaborated on the story with her mom. Plus, I loved the last song they played on the show. Could this be how I end up liking country music? Doubtful, but I have high hopes for this new soap! KT Season Pass.

Chicago Fire (NBC 10:00)
Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries), Jesse Spencer (House), Eamonn Walker (Oz)

Follows a group of Chicago firefighters. Bet you couldn’t tell that from the name of the show! Didn’t watch it. Can’t handle any more firefighter or police shows!!


Last Resort (ABC 8:00)
Andre Braugher (Homicide), Scott Speedman (Felicity), Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse)

The crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine become hunted fugitives. From what I’ve read, I have the same opinion of this show as everyone else who watched it. Really liked it, really interested in the story. Have absolutely no idea how they will maintain this for more than one season.

Beauty and the Beast (CW 9:00)
Jay Ryan (Terra Nova), Kristin Kreuk (Smallville)

CW reboot of the 80’s TV show Beauty and the Beast. Didn’t watch it.

Elementary (CBS 10:00)
Jonny Lee Miller-yay! (Eli Stone), Lucy Liu (Southland), Aidan Quinn (Prime Suspect)

Modern Sherlock. Similar to my love for Matthew Perry, I’ve had a soft spot for Jonny Lee Miller all the way back to Hackers (Hack the planet!!). I think he is absolutely fabulous in this and bonus points for getting to hear his real British accent. Just like The Mentalist, Castle, Bones, etc. it is your basic who done it of the week. For me, the reason I like Castle and used to like The Mentalist and Bones was because I really enjoyed the main characters. I mean, how do you not love Nathan Fillion? Jonny Lee Miller has that and he is the reason I will tune it. I though Liu was sufficient as Watson and I’m interested to see how the Sherlock-Watson friendship develops. KT Season Pass


Made in Jersey (CBS 9:00)
Janet Montgomery (Entourage), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks)

A feisty first year lawyer is from Jersey. Didn’t watch it, already cancelled.

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    I actually really liked Green Arrow (saw it last night). The lead is HOT, HOT, HOT and the storyline is pretty good. Plus they are rich which I love to watch 🙂 Also, if you aren’t watching it Season 2 of Scandal is awesome.

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