My Latest Pull List – October 17th, 2012

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Weekly comic books are a big part of my life and below is a list of what I’ll be picking up this Wednesday along with cover artwork and previews courtesy of Comixology’s Pull List app.

Another big week with eight books on my list.

  • AVX: CONSEQUENCES #2 – I’d forgotten this Avengers versus X-Men fallout series was shipping weekly. It should give Kieron Gillen an opportunity to wrap up the story of his “Extinction Team” from Uncanny X-Men as the current version of that series ends this week.
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 – I need to catch up on this series. I appreciate the $2.99 price tag, but not having a digital copy packaged with the book is part of what’s keeping me from staying current.
  • CYBERFORCE #1 – It’s free! I’m a big fan of Marc Silvestri and the Kickstarter campaign is an intriguing approach.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 – I’ve debated dropping this title but I’d like to see where the Pandora story goes and Tony Daniel’s art is enough to give it a chance. 
  • MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE #1 – Seeing this on the schedule for Marvel Now! week two seems like a momentum loss after all the hype around Uncanny Avengers #1. The $5.99 price tag isn’t helping.
  • NEW AVENGERS #31 – End Times continues as Brian Bendis wraps up both of his Avengers titles.
  • UNCANNY X-MEN #20 –  It’s the “final issue” again, and I haven’t seen an replacement volume of the title announced for Marvel Now! It may actually be good for Uncanny to be off the table for a while. It’s too bad this was renumbered so recently after Schism.
  • X-FACTOR #245 – Breaking Points has been some of Peter David’s best work and it wraps up here. 

Check back every week to see what’s on My Latest Pull List and please share your thoughts on these titles and everything you’re reading this week in the comments.

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