My Latest Pull List – November 21st, 2012

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Weekly comic books are a big part of my life and below is a list of what I’ll be picking up this Wednesday along with cover artwork and previews courtesy of Comixology’s Pull List app.

Two new Marvel Now titles and a couple of Image Comics debuts have my list up to eleven books for this week.

  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #698 – Managed to fall behind on this title again. #700 can’t come soon enough.
  • ASTONISHING X-MEN #56 – Another book I’ve fallen behind on, but the back issues are nearing the top of my reading pile.
  • AVENGERS #34 – Brian BendisAvengers finale promises controversy harkening back to where things started in *Avengers Disassembled*. I do not expect this issue to reach that level of controversy.
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 – John Romita Jr. has certainly fared better on solo titles than team books in recent years, so I’m hoping he makes a strong showing here with Captain America. It will take something really special to have me back for issue #2.
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL #7 – A confrontation with the Monica Rambeau “Captain Marvel” (now known as Photon) could be really interesting.
  • CLONE #1 – A new title from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint and Image Comics. I’m not familiar with any members of the creative team (David Schulner, Juan Jose Ryp, and Felix Serrano) at first glance, but new sci-fi titles from Image have earned an automatic look. I’m also considering checking out this week’s Comeback #1.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #1 – Hulk as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. is interesting, and I trust Mark Waid to tell a good story. Lenil Yu’s promotional art for this book is also a major attraction.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #14 – I don’t get all this Cheetah business that started last issue, but I’ll continue to give this book a chance. The promise of something involving Pandora, Flashpoint, and the creation of the New 52 holds a lot of appeal for me.
  • UNCANNY X-FORCE #34 – The cover for this issue looks fantastic and while this title has had a few rough patches since #18, the conclusion to Rick Remender’s Apocalypse story has been great.
  • WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #21 – Last I was really noticing how frequently this book is shipping and here it is again a week later.
  • X-FACTOR #247 – The preview for this issue has me intrigued and Peter David hasn’t disappointed on this title.

Check back every week to see what’s on My Latest Pull List and please share your thoughts on these titles and everything you’re reading this week in the comments.

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