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So there’s this guy I follow on Twitter, named Robert Lee Brewer. He’s a poet, and often posts with hash tags like #poettues and such. I like this guy a lot, and read his blog when I have time. Inspired by a post he made here, I’ve decided to take up the reins of a Poem A Day challenge.

Yep, that’s one poem a day, for the entire year. 365 poems in all.

I have to write one for tonight, the 25th of January, but guess what, MLD-watchers? I’m on track so far.


Just as a background, I used to be a performance poet, a “spoken word artist” as it were. I was no Alvin Lau, but I was not bad at delivering my poetry out loud. I’ve only had a few poems published, put together one or two chapbooks that are now long gone, but I’ve written poetry pretty consistently since I was about 14 years old.

You don’t wanna read those old poems. Trust me on that. Once I tried to catalog my written output of poetry, and at 18 years old, I had already written over 400 poems.

I’m 31 now. I cringe to think about it.


There have been other 365 projects floating around the internet for years. Same notion; do a thing, at least once a day, for a year straight. In fact, Angie and PTB have one going right now, too. You might have already visited. If not, please do. Angie’s skills behind a lens are second to none. Second to NONE, yo. PTB… has an iPhone that takes pictures, too!

So, 365 poems. About the amount of poems I wrote between the ages of 14 and 18. Stay tuned at my regular blog to see the new poems as they get written/uploaded.

If I fail, I’ll be sure to mention it here, but if I make it to December 31, 2010, and have done all 365? You better BELIEVE I’m celebratin’.

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