Top Chef – Washington, DC… sucks.

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This is not a play-by-play of the current season of Top Chef. I could give you one, but it would be a lot of “you suck” and “I miss Jennifer Carroll” quotes. I think it is safe to say that this season of Top Chef is by far its worst.  Not only do I know it, but Bravo knows it.

Season 6 in Las Vegas could not be topped.  There were four chefs — Mike Voltaggio, Brian Voltaggio, Jennifer Carroll, and Kevin Gillesppie — that made meals that looked so good and, in some cases, used complicated techniques never seen on the show. All four of those chefs would win this season without question. Eli, who was fifth, would likely be the favorite, if not top 3.  The season has little talent and even fewer interesting chefs.

I have to remind myself:  Top Chef Las Vegas was an anomaly. This year, Bravo is trying to mask the fact that 12 out of the 16 chefs stink by making everything about group work. This opens us the possibility that one of the good chefs will go home early. This very thing happened in week 4 (or was it 3??? I’m not looking it up not because I don’t care about accuracy, but because this show is not worth it) when Arnold was kicked off for his partner screwing up the pasta. I mean, really? I can cook pasta, and Arnold was a pretty good chef. Not great, but he was kicked off because his partner was terrible. That may happen on other shows, but not Top Chef. So goes this season.

The producers are intending to create tension and an “anyone-can-go” mentality. The problem is that instead of doing this, the show has pushed the viewer lose interest in the contestants. The show is no longer about who is the best. It is about what team is best. Plus, there are so many bad chefs that you do not care if they go home or not.  PLUSSSS, Bravo has focused so much on Kenny and Angelo that you don’t know the other 10 or whatever amount is left.

Sure, I know that whats-her–name with the short hair and the school lunch program is good. She can certainly win and may be considered up there with the favorites. I wish I knew more about her. Arnold was good. I knew he was gay, but that’s pretty much it. Too bad they did a double elimination and kicked him off. I’m babbling. That is what this season has done.

Lastly, Washington, DC is a terrible place to host the show. It is boring. Politicians are boring. The people that work there are boring. New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Boston all have local cuisine that may not be better than Washington, but would make a better show. Each city is known for something or a type of cooking that Washington, really, does not have. It was a bad choice. I’m bored with it.

Every week I used to watch the show and say, “That looks good” and wanted to taste the dishes presented to the judges. This year? I watch it to get upset.  I hope it gets cancelled midseason.

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