REVIEW: Green Lantern #67 War of the Green Lanterns Part Ten

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DC Comics’ War of the Green Lanterns crossover spanning their entire Green Lantern line of titles wrapped up this week. Not only did the crossover come to an end, but Part Ten (Green Lantern #67) was also the final issue of Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern series that launched in 2005 following Green Lantern: Rebirth. This is the title that reintroduced Hal Jordan into the DC Universe and spawned a number of events including the very popular Blackest Night. The status quo was definitely shaken up in the wake of the latest threat to the DC cosmos and it will be interesting to see how this translates to DC’s line-wide relaunch in September.

Spoilers for War of the Green Lanterns, the current and forthcoming Green Lantern series, rainbows and what’s on the other side will follow.

PTB: I didn’t remember reading anywhere before this issue that the Green Lantern rings couldn’t be used to harm the Guardians. It wouldn’t have changed my appreciation of the story much, but it obviously makes it a big deal when Hal kills Krona.

KevinMLD: I also was unaware of this limitation, though since the Guardians made the rings after they had just endured an insurrection from the manhunters it does make sense that they would seek to protect themselves.

PTB: I think a big part of Krona’s downfall is that with all the multi-colored rings combined his go-to-move was rainbow snakes.

KevinMLD: I dunno man, Rainbow Boas are cool. I kind of wish I had gotten one of them instead of one of my redtails.

PTB: Rainboas… That two page spread of Hal defeating Krona is probably the best artwork in what is a truly beautiful book. I feel like the “BOOM” sound effect may have taken a little away from it.

KevinMLD: It’s definitely a nice looking set of pages and I’m fine with the “boom”! I think comics are so reactionary to the whole Bif! Bang! Boom! news headline cliche that they’ve basically eliminated sound effects. I like sound effects (thought balloons not so much). I think my favorite pages are the two where Sinestro realizes Hal would also die for the Corps so he attacks Krona.


Rainbow boas are real.

PTB: I’m not against sound effects (or thought balloons when used properly for that matter) I just didn’t like the placement of that particular “BOOM.”

The facial expressions during Sinestro’s decision were fantastic, as was the opening image of the Earthborn GLs attacking the emotional entity infused Guardians.

KevinMLD: That was also a nice page, but I thought Doug Mahnke’s art looked nicer (probably due to inking) in the later pages of the book. It’s crazy that this issue has four inkers and was still super late.

PTB: The lateness really seemed like it was going to be a problem when the War of the Green Lanterns “Aftermath” issue of Emerald Warriors shipped two weeks before the crossover concluded.

KevinMLD: I went out of my way not to read that comic until after reading this issue, in the end it had nothing to do with this crossover. The only thing it would have spoiled was that Guy survived the war. It kind of bugs me that it was branded as an Aftermath title.

PTB: I liked the idea of Kyle drawing the escape of the rainbow coalition of ring bearers from the Black Book. It was very meta. I would have like to see more of him drawing them each escaping from their private prisons though.

KevinMLD: Unfortunately there definitely wasn’t space for that.

PTB: I was also intrigued that even after they escaped, they still seemed to be trapped in the moments they were reliving in the book. Carol had just been proposed to by Hal, Indigo was imprisoned and looking for Abin Sur, Larfleeze was terrified of the “Orange one.” It really makes me wonder what frame of mind Sinestro was in.

KevinMLD: Didn’t we think Sinestro had been killed in the book? I hate his old school blue costume by the way.

PTB: Yes, I think he (or the page he was trapped on) was set on fire last time we saw him. I don’t mind the old costume but it’s absolutely the result of Super Friends nostalgia. Aside from the moment he get out of the book, I’m not sure it’s clear he remembers much of his recent past. He doesn’t say much, most of what he does say is one word questions, and he seems genuinely confused.

KevinMLD: Confused maybe. I definitely think he was surprised by the ring selecting him and aware enough to know that this might not go over well with everyone around him.

PTB: The others reverted to type upon receiving their previous rings back. The fact that Sinestro didn’t receive the Yellow ring has me even more curious about how he’ll be portrayed going forward.

KevinMLD: I wonder if his personality will change. We know the Orange and Indigo rings change the personality of the wearer. Possibly the Red as well. Could this be a kindler, gentler Sinestro? And would that even be any fun?

PTB: We also never see where his Yellow ring goes.

KevinMLD: This is true, but it doesn’t mean we won’t. There are specific aftermath titles coming out and after he was defeated in the Sinestro Corps war, we saw Mongul take over leadership of the Sinestro Corps. I don’t believe leadership would be tied specifically to his ring however.

PTB: The October Green Lantern solicitations may shed some light on this, but I have no idea who the character wearing the yellow ring is on the cover to Green Lantern: New Guardians #2.

The entities also seem to be free to roam the cosmos once again. Is that what they were doing before Krona captured them all?

KevinMLD: I believe at least some were, but I don’t totally remember. I know Carol seemed to think she could keep the Predator almost like a pet. I half expected him to become her Battlecat.

PTB: And what was with the “owner located” for the Orange ring when all the others were called by name, even Iroque. What is that all about?

KevinMLD: I think it’s just that the Orange Lantern is all about greed and possessions and that statement demonstrates this idea. It was definitely an interesting and deliberately thought-out moment though.

PTB: I hated that the Sinestro becoming a Green Lantern and replacing Hal Jordan bit was spoiled, but the moment he is chosen to be part of the Corps is awesome. It’s a great development for his story and really piqued my interest in September’s Green Lantern #1.

KevinMLD: Well at least it was just spoiled by some complete jerk online and not by DC itself.

PTB: That actually helps a little. I’m hoping we’ll learn more about Abin Sur through him, but who knows what will happen with the relaunch.

KevinMLD: There’s clearly more to come about Abin Sur. I’m guessing he’s a candidate for resurrection at some point soon.

PTB: I’m not surprised, but I certainly didn’t realize this was the final issue of the series. Even the giant text reading “THE END?” on the cover didn’t tip me off.

KevinMLD: I actually also wasn’t aware this was the final issue. I don’t pay enough attention to the monthly solicitations I guess. Excuse me for not wanting everything to be spoiled three months in advanced. I’d rather let some idiot fan spoil the comic the day it ships. Thanks again for that. Considering how much trouble DC had getting this issue out, it’s probably the right decision to give the creative team some time to get a jumpstart on September.

PTB: Speaking of the cover, it’s fitting but not an attention grabbing image

KevinMLD: Agreed. But I think I saw a variant cover to this issue online that was really nice.

PTB: Those Flashpoint figures advertised in this look great. I’d absolutely pick up a Thomas Wayne Batman.

KevinMLD: I’m not a huge fan of his particular look but that Flash looks great. DCD does nice work. I just wish they had done a Dick Grayson Batman and a Damian Wayne Robin. I know that Robin is either out now or due soon, but without Grayson it’s a no sale. Strangely they did at least two Grayson as Batman statues.

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