Happy Ash Wednesday

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Today you may have seen some dirty people walking around.  Dirt on their foreheads.  Possibly in the shape of a cross, but doubtful since most priests aren’t that precise.  It is Ash Wednesday.  For the next 40 days some people may give something up.  No chocolate, no ice cream, no sugar, no swearing, etc.  Many people will go vegetarian on Fridays.  Well – fake vegetarian….they will eat fish.  Giving up meat, oh my!  I don’t care what religion you are or even if you have no religion at all.  There is something great about this time of year.  Something that you can’t deny.

That something is Fish Commercials.  Most notably – the return of last year’s incredible McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish commercial.  It is awesome.  And I am looking forward to hearing it for 40 days.  I’m also looking forward to having a Shamrock Shake next month on my annual McDonald’s trip.