REVIEW: 21 Jump Street

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The most important thing to know about the new film version of 21 Jump Street is that it takes the concept of the old television series and plays it as a comedy. If you’re expecting a faithful adaptation of the show, you’re sure to be disappointed. In terms of tone it’s fairly similar to Seth Rogen’s Pineapple Express, however, 21 Jump Street is more consistently funny.

Jump Street stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as alumni of the same high school who go from having an antagonistic relationship in school to forging a strong bond while in the police academy. Hill is smart and out of shape, while Tatum is dumb as a rock and built like a superhero. They quickly discover that with their individualized skills they can help each other survive the academy, but even as a team they don’t amount to very good police officers. Their auspicious careers start as bike cops protecting a virtually crime-less park. However, a botched arrest soon results in the duo being demoted and assigned to an undercover unit that places young-looking police officers in high schools. The not-so-young-looking duo’s cover includes being brothers and living with Hill’s parents. Hilarity ensues.

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