MLD Fall Movie Guide

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add9Every web site in the world seems to have something special going on for 9/9/9 so the least we could do is write an update.  I’m really excited about the movie 9 that premieres today, and who wouldn’t want to see sock puppets fight with scissors.  However, my attention has been suddenly and unexpectedly drawn to the movie Whiteout that comes out this Friday.

710960I’ve seen two very different commercials for it.  In one, the movie is presented as something very creepy and intriguing set in the hostile landscape of Antarctica, only briefly mentioning the presence of Kate Beckinsale (which is in no way negative).  The other has her make-up face running all over the place, falling into ice caves, and seemingly unfazed by the unfriendly environment as she stares off across the ice.  I want to see the movie the first ad presents, and almost wish I hadn’t seen the second.  I’m just a sucker for anything set in Antarctica:  The Thing, Alien Versus Predator, Happy Feet.

2908040pcNone of this even begins to address the fact that convincing chicken-pants Angie to see this is going to be next to impossible.  She’s even claiming that her attendance at next week’s screening of Zombieland will be under duress, and that’s clearly a comedy.  It’s not like I’m asking her to see the terrible looking Jennifer’s Body.  I’ve seen enough of Megan Fox lately with Transformers 2 and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and I only saw commercials for Transformers 2.

I thought a nice compromise would be to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, but apparently this deviates from the children’s book too much for Angie’s tastes.  Just can’t win sometimes.


I want to go to there.