LIVE PLAY BY PLAY REVIEW: Karaoke World Championships Pennsylvania Finals Part One

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Twelve finalists performed in the Karaoke World Championships Pennsylvania Finals Saturday night at Holy Smokes in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. The top male and female performers would move on to the national championships in Ohio.

How the $&@# did we end up there? I dunno. Angie was hungry.

As the performers awaited the start of the competition, the atmosphere in the bar was electric. Many of the contestants were accompanied by their family and they were clearly ecstatic about the event.

After rehearsal performances of Boogie Woogie Ooogie Oogie, Broken, Alone and some Stevie Nicks piece of &$@#, the first contestant took the stage.

Apparently the one audience rule is do not boo, but no one is stopping me from booing them on my blog. Boooo.

The first contestant was from Pittsburgh and worked the crowd before launching into a Luther Vandross song. On his first falsetto “ooooh” his voice cracked. It was awesome. You should have been there. Five hours is a long way to drive just for your voice to crack. He also had a creepy way of singing without really opening his mouth. He should be a ventrillaquist, but his singing sounds way better now than it did at the beginning of the song. This song didn’t really have a catchy melody though… Note to self: when performing in the Karaoke World Championships perform a pop song.

Our scores:
Karen gave him a four out of ten. She thinks he picked a bad song.
Angie says six because he didn’t follow the words.
Pete gave him a five with no comments though he compared the singer’s championship potential to that of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

So we’ve heard five songs be performed (including the warm up tracks) and we know that the songs loop about ten seconds after they end and start over. Why doesn’t the guy running the machine know it yet? Dummy.

The second performer chose to go with Bobbie McGee complete with fake Janice Joplin accent. Not a bad impression, but it doesn’t show off her voice very well. I kind of forgot I like this song… But I’m still not sure it’s a good choice for the World Karaoke Championships. Her little hip dance move during the “awkwardly long for Karaoke” guitar solo was precious though.

Karen gives her a 5 or 6.
Angie gives her a 2 for doing a country song… She’s dumb…
Pete gives her a 6 as well because he realizes Janis Joplin is not a country artist and was very entertained.
Angie now knows it wasn’t a country song but stands by her score.

The third performer, also from Pittsburgh, appeared at the beginning to be wearing just a shirt with no bottoms on. It could have been awesome, but alas we discovered she is wearing short shorts they were just hidden. I didn’t recognize the song she did but she screamed way too much during it.

Karen gave her a three before she had even finished performing.
Angie gave her a 2 based on song choice.
Pete gave her a four, commenting simply, “wow.”

The fourth performer chose Johnny B. Goode, looked like Kenny Rogers, and danced like Elvis. Kar thought he might be doing his best Jagger crossed with the chicken dance. I declare him the winner though it doesn’t take much talent to sing that song.

Karen gives him a six because of the dancing but was unimpressed vocally.
Angie gives him an eight for his dance moves.
Pete told a mildly inappropriate joke that I would publish but he won’t let me.