One more way to know a movie will definitely suck

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Other MLD writers have seen a preview of Avatar, and from what I could tell, weren’t very excited. A frequent MLD reader had attempted to organize an opening night viewing to see it fail…which seems like the opposite of seeing it fail to me. But whatever….it is clearly something that I don’t understand. What stands out to me as proof positive this movie will completely blow….The 12/3 episode of Bones on Fox was turned into an hour long ad for the movie. Showing “super nerds” extremely excited about it and waiting in line? Come on….this show has been getting fairly cheesy, but this is taking it a bit far. No wonder Kevin gave up on watching it.
Oh – and PS – the “hot nerd girl” being excited about Avatar….also not enticing at all. No one is getting flashed by someone attractive in a line for Avatar. # 1 reason….There will not be a line for Avatar.  Keep dreaming nerds. And enjoy 3 hours of your life stolen away by total suckiness.

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  • angelique said,

    Kevin – I was hoping this would prompt a Bones post from you.

    Ryan – I am not surprised you are a big Titanic fan. Most girls our age were.

  • Kevinmld said,

    Starting to get cheesy?

    Welcome to two seasons ago.

    I might have to put together a post about what blows more Bones or Avatar, because without having seen Avatar and being pretty convinced it won’t be very good… I’m 100 percent sure Bones sucks more.

  • Ryan said,

    I like to see movies so I can talk smack about them. I try not to talk smack about things unless I have watched them. There are some exceptions, obviously.

    Seeing Avatar in IMAX 3D, as the director intends it to be seen, is providing it the best possible shot to be good. Since I have liked pretty much everything Cameron has done, then I’ll give Avatar a shot. No matter how bad it looks… and it looks really dumb.

  • Pete F. said,

    Avatar may indeed end up sucking, but not sure these are reasons why…and Cameron pretty much doesn’t make bad movies (yes, I liked Titanic). Also, he really has no control over the way FOX decides to market the movie. The thing that makes me think it will suck are all the strong reviews it has been getting.

  • Ryan said,

    You are my age.

  • Angelique said,

    I will still not sit through this in the theater. And I am sure if I ever watch it at home, i will fall asleep. But I will present the other side of the story…..why? Because I would rather hear from Defamer that I was wrong than from Ryan.


  • Christa Watson said,

    HAHA I SAW THAT EPISODE!!! And had that exact same thought! lol great minds…

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