My Latest Pull List – August 15th, 2012

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Weekly comic books are a big part of my life and below is a list of what I’ll be picking up this Wednesday along with cover artwork and previews courtesy of Comixology’s Pull List app.

After a smaller list last week, it’s pretty much doubled to nine new books this Wednesday.

  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #691 – It’s safe to say I’ve reached the point of being hopelessly behind when it comes to Amazing. Two or three times a month proved to be too much for me.
  • AVENGERS #29 – Brian Bendis’ AvX tie-ins have been hit or miss for me. The Iron Fist story in New Avengers took me by surprise with how much I enjoyed it, but the Illuminati issue that I thought was a sure thing left me disappointed. His Avengers issues have followed a similar trend, the Noh-Var (like the character) issues weren’t the best, but the Red Hulk (hate the character) issue was really enjoyable.
  • AVENGERS VS X-MEN #10 – I generally like the “AvX” crossover, but a lot is going to depend on the ending. I’m glad to see the Scarlet Witch is coming back to the forefront from the cover. I’d like to see more of Hope Summers as well. Be sure to check out this week’s array of variant covers for issue #10.
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL #2 – I really enjoyed issue #1. I’m not sure what this book’s fate will be with Marvel NOW on the horizon, but hopefully it’ll get a chance to establish itself and not relaunch after issue #6 or something equally ridiculous. Carol Danvers’ previous series was hamstrung a bit by events and crossovers and a line-wide relaunch might hurt this one. For now, it’s off to a strong start.
  • NEW MUTANTS #47 – I’ve fallen behind on this series, and I’m hoping to catch up as its final arc starts here.
  • SAGA #6 – I’m really enjoying seeing everything Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples are building come together.
  • UNCANNY X-FORCE #29 – I’m a big fan of this title. Can’t wait to see more of the future Rick Remender has thrown the team into.
  • X-FACTOR #242 – An important arc for this series is off to a good start. I’m also very happy to see Leonard Kirk back with Peter David.
  • X-MEN #34 – Another book I’m a few issues behind on. I’ve been loving the cover art that started with Brian Wood’s run on the book though.

Check back every week to see what’s on My Latest Pull List and please share your thoughts on these titles and everything you’re reading this week in the comments.

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