These REALLY AREN’T the bees you’re looking for…

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Just to bring closure to yesterday’s blog post, thanks to the interwebs we have our answer on what the evil, immortal, invincible wasp-like-things are. According to the Bug Guy at my wife’s new favorite blog, Whatsthatbug.com, it wasn’t a wasp at all, but rather a red headed ash borer. They’re designed to look like wasps as a defense mechanism and we were told they likely were burrowed into some firewood we brought into the house and emerged recently due to the warmer temperatures inside. Unfortunately, we don’t have a wood-burning fireplace. So this was a new mystery for us… but upon inspection we discovered some tiny holes in a wood perch in our red iguana’s cage.

Mystery solved.

Harmless beetles.

And since our dissection of one of the dead borers revealed it had a stinger, I’m apparently a terrible junior Entomologist. Now if only we knew what the deal was with the dead hornets we’ve been finding…

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  • Ryan said,

    That site is scary. Too many close ups of bugs.

  • angelique said,

    yeah, I went through like 10 pages of it yesterday when we were talking…I definitely got barfy-feeling and had to stop.

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