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Got to see an early screening of Terminator: Salvation tonight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went in with a lot of concerns and trepidation, but I think this is a solid chapter in Terminator mythology.

Nothing contradicted or detracted from the previous film installments, and even the cancelled Sarah Connor Chronicles weren’t completely rejected (nor were they embraced on any level). Kevin had read/heard a rumor months ago about a possible ending to the film that would ruin the franchise, and I can thankfully say that it did not prove true.  Not knowing the details of that rumor until our post-game wrap-up, I did have a fun time speculating on what it might be as I watched everything unfold. Thankfully, none of my wild Terminator Baby scenarios came to pass either.

It was a real treat to see the post-Judgement Day world after the glimpses given in the first three movies. I have to say though, having a story set entirely in that world makes for a far different experience compared to the previous chapters.   That’s not to say it’s necessarily worse (or better), just different.  It’s hard to say whether a casual viewer will dig it, but I’d easily see this again and I think fans will enjoy.

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  • angelique said,

    Why – if cylon babies are OK would terminator babies be bad?

  • ptb said,

    How exactly would Terminator babies come to be? I’ll need your clothes, your scissors, and your pacifier.

    Despite your efforts to confuse the people around you, I am convinced that you are fully aware of how Cylon biology works.

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