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Yes, this is “late” by most standards, but in our defense we had a lot of tough choices to make from last year. Some choices were so tough that we had a number of ties and double entries.  One category had to be completely eliminated due to an inability for some of us to make a decision (When I asked Kevin for his favorite book from 2009, he replied “books are for nerds”).

I think it’s fair to say that everyone here really enjoyed The Hangover, Star Trek and UP! (along with most of the world) as they were under consideration on all of our lists. Angie and I just got around to seeing The Departed late last year, and while I loved it, I couldn’t pick it as a best of 2009 since it was released in 2006.

Better Off Ted and Modern Family appeared on more than one list as close seconds for favorite TV show. While Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports Resort were definite favorite video games, particularly for Matt and Angie.  Although KevinMLD has become one of the top players in world in iGems, I hear he’s still playing the free version of the game.

Let us know what your Best of 2009 lists look like (especially if you’ve read any good books), and feel free to offer suggestions of good stuff you’re finding in 2010.

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