Philadelphia Kick-Off to Summer

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I’m sure there is plenty that happens in Philadelphia every single weekend.  So after you read this, please don’t feel the need to tell me about all those other busy, busy Philly weekends.  I don’t really care about those.  I am generally a homebody.  I don’t need to go out to every event.  As I rode the train down to the city today, I thought about how hot it was outside.  And how this first weekend in June has seemed to be impossibly hot every year since we moved into the city.  I was wondering why there were at least 30 other people getting on the 1:15 train with me on a Friday afternoon.  Does no one work anymore?

This weekend, I have decided, is Philadelphia’s official kick off to the summer season.  Since last weekend was Memorial Day and all you silly people fled to the shore (because it is fun being there when it is most crowded?), this weekend is the weekend to be home.  And by home, I of course mean, outside your home, but in Philadelphia.  Let’s look at the tiny list I have come up with, and realize that there are a ton of other things going on that I am unaware of.


1. First “hot outside” First Friday
– hipsters will be flooding the Old City area tonight over dressed in skinny jeans, multiple belts, and dirty hoodies.
– I love the idea of First Friday, but hipsters, I hate you in masses.

2. Flyers – Stanley Cup Final – Game #4 (8pm/Block Party All day?)
– They won game 3.  Shock & Awe.  Tonight is a home game.  We MUST have a block party!
– Flyers fans, I feel like having a party when the series is 1-2 is a bit early.  Or are you just admitting that this might be your only chance to party?
– Also, it’s ice hockey.  A cold sport.  The last thing I would imagine a Canadian (a real hockey fan?) wanting to do is hang out and get wasted in a parking lot when it is 90+ degrees outside.

3. Phillies vs. San Diego Padres 7:05pm
– I list this after the Flyers because they are having an all day party.
– Phillies fans, I really hope you were planning on being at the block party, because you’ll be sitting in your car smack dab in the middle of it.  This is one of those nights that will prove the true downfall of the “Sports Complex”

4. Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Festival
– This seemed like it would be the one most MLD readers would be going to.

5. The Start of Philly Beer Week
– Does this need any other explanation?
– Restaurant week for bars?


1. Roots Family Picnic
– This is really the only thing I have heard about happening on Saturday.
– Vampire Weekend headlining just seems odd to me.


1. Bike Race!
– This one is close to home for us, so we will probably go to this
– East Falls has a block party, cuz we’re cool.  Come out and join us!

So there you have it.  Tons of excuses to be outside in Philadelphia in this amazingly humid heat.  Enjoy!

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