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Everyone gets a mystery this issue as things really start to happen in Brightest Day #7. All of the White Lantern’s resurrected characters from Blackest Night make an appearance and some of their individual stories start to connect. At the same time, many new stories are seeded throughout along with a series of Fall TV ads.

PTB: This issue is basically that teaser image we discussed last time expanded to 22 pages. I’m not sure if I like it.

KevinMLD: I thinks it’s about time something happened in this title. This could have been issue 1 or at least issue 3. It didn’t need six issues of set up.

PTB: We see the effect on all of the resurrected characters after Deadman picks up the white lantern, but many are just strangers in this book.

KevinMLD: Some of this stuff is just a preview of what’s happening in other books. Over in Titans they’re looking to resurrect Isis who along with Black Adam was turned to stone.

Magog kicks off the story in Kingdom Come, so it looks like Max Lord might be trying to prevent Kingdom Come.

The face above Jade is Eclipso and the other character is her brother Obsidian.

PTB: All the stuff from other books is lost on me. They’re also not all good things, as it almost seems the voice of the white lantern is trying to push certain events.

What was the deal with the guy I’m assuming is the reverse Flash? The lines about “escaping the speed force, mission accomplished, and life returned” led to this panel making no sense to me. The guy looked dead.

KevinMLD: I think he’s just extremely incarcerated to the point that he can’t move. His story involves time travel. At some point Barry Allen killed him, but as a time traveller he was still around. Who knows? But I guess he’s responsible for bringing back the version of the Flash that has no personality. But since Barry was resurrected before the Reverse Flash was, this piece makes no sense.

PTB: We also see more about cheeseburgers in this issue, but it looks like the entity in the white lantern doesn’t like Hawk either. I also liked that the avatar of peace is shown busting heads.

Very confusing Martian stuff as Miss Martian goes from dead to “feelin’ fine,” there appear be two Manhunters and a Martian baby? Unless I misinterpreted something.

KevinMLD: Yeah that sequence is very strange. I don’t know whats going on there. But I told you Miss Martian is part of the upcoming Young Justice show, so of course she got better. Martians can change shape so I guess they can change the shape of their injuries, so it’s like they have a healing factor?

PTB: The voice is encouraging Manhunter to burn down the forest in Star City.

KevinMLD: Sure seems that way.

PTB: Third stage of Firestorm?

KevinMLD: This is a new concept I think. You’re not missing out on anything that makes sense to anyone else.

PTB: Honestly, all these mysteries introduced in this one issue were just too much and many seem flimsily contrived just to have one in place for every resurrected character.

The Hawkpeople “stop the queen” and “save your mate” lines stand out as particularly silly as do “throw the boomerang” and “catch the boomerang.”

KevinMLD: Yeah. It’s going to be really hard to make those stories interesting. Sorry DC.

PTB: Aquaman, Aqualad and the battery are strangely connected. Aquaman makes sense since he was resurrected by the White Lantern, but how is Aqualad part of this?

KevinMLD: DC desperately needs to launch him before Young Justice hits Cartoon Network in the fall.

PTB: Any guesses as to who the new protector might be? Could it be Hal Jordan?

KevinMLD: I hope not. I’m assuming if it’s not Dove or Deadman, then it will be someone entirely new.

PTB: I’d think it wouldn’t be Deadman since he’s facilitating the White Lantern’s search. Although I guess the search could be about his journey, and finding the new protector might involve realizing that he’s the one best suited to do it.

I also have to mention that you couldn’t avoid all the ads for NBC’s The Event. Is this basically Flash Forward 2?

KevinMLD: Except maybe it’ll be good this time.

PTB: And that guy from Heroes and True Blood and 24 is on yet another show. I don’t dislike him or anything but the guy is everywhere.

KevinMLD: What are three shows I either don’t watch or haven’t seen in years.

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