Fox’s Touch preview

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When I saw Tim Kring’s name attached to the new Fox series Touch, bad memories of NBC’s Heroes came to mind. While that series fizzled after a strong start, Touch started with a far stronger premiere in a special preview airing of the pilot last night. The 13-episode season won’t begin until March 19th (and I imagine they’ll replay the pilot on March 18th) so I made sure to tune in as I’ve really missed seeing Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer each week. 

Spoilers for Fox’s new series Touch will follow.

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REVIEW: 20 season endings in 1000 words

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As the month of May comes to an end, so do the seasons for a slew of shows that Angie and I spend our time watching. I thought this would be a quick wrap up, but clearly, we watch too much TV. The chart at the right is included for simple reference. It’s good that the season is ending, we need a break…

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Alright, 24, you have me

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I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I’ve watched every season, but I haven’t enjoyed watching every season. After taking a year off due to the Writer’s Guild strike/Kiefer Sutherland’s legal problems, the show came back with a solid season last year. It was decent, but I was beginning to doubt whether I’d stick with it this year.

All doubts have been erased at this point. Actually, I think I knew this a few weeks ago but I had to be sure. I’ve found myself looking forward to the show each week and at this point I’m confident the rest of the season is going to be worth watching. The threats are developing nicely, villains are being taken off the playing field on an almost weekly basis, and the subplots are intriguing. Sure, it’s basically the same show it always is except they’re in New York this time, but it’s being done well.

Jack is still doing the impossible, but that’s really nothing to complain about. Kim Bauer and her family are hopefully completely out of the picture for this season. The addition of Katee Sackhoff doesn’t hurt. I’m genuinely interested in her character as well as her love interest Freddie the Prinze, June. Annie Wersching returning as the completely unstable Reneé Walker is adding the much needed wild card and Chloe O’Brien is still a sourpuss.  What more can you ask for from this show?


Post-premiere let-downs

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So I think in order of post premier let downs it goes: Battlestar Galactica>24>Lost.  All of the premiers were pretty good, but BSG was a total snoozefest the next week, 24 was good but not as good, and Lost was as good if not better

Battlestar Galactica is going into their final (10?) episodes, and this of course raises the stakes for every hour.  Especially since they’ve auctioned off all of their props and costumes so it’s too late to go back.  I don’t think my expectations were set too high for its return since I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere.  The next week, not so much.  It was a good episode, but a little too slow (Angie fell asleep and I didn’t bother to wake her).

The year off really seems to have helped 24.  The first four hours were non-stop action and the first hour after the two-night marathon premiere showed no signs of things slowing down.  So, if we can get through Day 7 without any bouts of amnesia or Kim Bauer being chased by a mountain lion and Kevin Dillon, this could be the best season yet.

Much like the other premieres, the return of Lost really delivered.  I honestly can’t believe the complexity of some of the storytelling they use on this show.  I think this is due more to the fact that I assumed a network show wouldn’t go for that level of non-linear delivery.  Regardless, I had a great time getting back into this show.

Update:  I didn’t think I was going to see the third episode of Battlestar Galactica before this published, but it completely changes the equation.  Action-packed with high spots throughout.  Week two seems like a complete aberration in light of this.