REVIEW: 20 season endings in 1000 words

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As the month of May comes to an end, so do the seasons for a slew of shows that Angie and I spend our time watching. I thought this would be a quick wrap up, but clearly, we watch too much TV. The chart at the right is included for simple reference. It’s good that the season is ending, we need a break…

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It’s French for “boy”

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New Times Crossword, May 11, 2010

We stopped to fill our gas tank at Wawa on the way home last night and something happened that I am not proud of. Angie went inside to get us something sweet and as I was pumping gas a song came on the p.a. system that caught my attention. It took a moment to realize what it was but the attention I paid led to my demise. You see, he was a punk and she did ballet. He wasn’t good enough for her. Years later, he was on MTV and all her friends had tickets to the show. He wasn’t good enough for her. Then some voice interrupted things and tried to tell me all about an iced tea sale. When the song came back, I was told that’s how the story ends. I want to know what happened, but I will not let you get under my skin, Avril Lavigne.

Update: Was Will Shortz at Wawa last night too?


Sleep Vs. Plants Vs. Zombies

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This is another article about the iPad.  If you don’t like awesome stuff, stop reading.  If you refuse to use Apple products, you probably already stopped reading, but anyway… If you refuse to use Apple products you won’t get to enjoy this awesomeness, so you might as well not get your hopes up and move along.

Pete and I know we want an iPad.  We also know we don’t need one.  But maybe we DO need one.  I mean, it would almost be wrong for us to not buy the next greatest Apple product since Apple is responsible for our future baby-making.  Back on track – we know we want an iPad.  So we went to check it out.  See if it was really as awesome as they say.  We ended up playing games on it the entire time we were in the store.  My game of choice was Plants Vs. Zombies by PopCap.  I wouldn’t leave the store until I completed a level.  And since it was a version made for the iPad, it was AWESOME.

Knowing that we will eventually get an iPad, I was stubborn and said I would not download the app for my iPhone because it was a waste of money since I will need to re-buy it for the iPad.  (Look Mom, I am concerned about spending $3!)  Sorry, that didn’t last too long.  By 11pm that night I was in bed downloading the game to my iPhone.  I had to have it.

I just need to tell you that the game is super addictive and super awesome.  It is completely worth the $3.  There is definite strategy involved, and with “Achievements” there is absolute replay value after completing Adventure Mode successfully.  Replay value on a $3 game is clearly important.  Just like my first adventures into Gossip Girl, this game has kept me up far past exhaustion, because I just have to know what’s next!  And it isn’t just me, Pete beat adventure mode like a day after I downloaded it.  If you want to actually know anything about the game, let’s just say, the plants keep the zombies out of your house, and bacon is involved.

I feel this way about almost all PopCap games though.  Peggle on the xBox could have a whole separate post…. I never thought I would get into using my iPhone for games.  After one visit to the Apple Store, I KNOW I would be using the iPad for mostly gaming.  Games, and I think it would be ultra-handy for recipes in the kitchen.

So, like I said…this was really a post about the iPad.


“Don’t let babies happen to you”

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It’s no secret that I like having Angie around all the time, but I really wish she could have been there this morning when I walked past a University of Pennsylvania campus rally against babies.

With placards reading “Don’t let BABIES happen to YOU”, and “STOP babies in our lifetime”, and a rainbow colored boa, they are sure to attract attention on this beautiful Spring day in Philadelphia. I have to admit, they had some fair points citing that babies contribute to unemployment and overpopulation. Their petition already had signatures from public figures like university president “Amy Gutman” and the President of the United States himself, “Barack Obama.” This could have some real momentum and I’m certain other luminaries such as “I.P. Freely” and “Amanda Hugginkiss” will be signing up soon.