Philadelphia weekend roundup

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Flyers down 0-2 in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Last night, I had to switch to the Flyers radio feed for the third period of Game 2 (the DVR had a conflict, which was odd since I thought everything was done for the season). I remembered hating these broadcasts in the past, and I can hear that nothing has changed. Two quotes fully characterize everything that’s wrong: Read more of this article »


It’s French for “boy”

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New Times Crossword, May 11, 2010

We stopped to fill our gas tank at Wawa on the way home last night and something happened that I am not proud of. Angie went inside to get us something sweet and as I was pumping gas a song came on the p.a. system that caught my attention. It took a moment to realize what it was but the attention I paid led to my demise. You see, he was a punk and she did ballet. He wasn’t good enough for her. Years later, he was on MTV and all her friends had tickets to the show. He wasn’t good enough for her. Then some voice interrupted things and tried to tell me all about an iced tea sale. When the song came back, I was told that’s how the story ends. I want to know what happened, but I will not let you get under my skin, Avril Lavigne.

Update: Was Will Shortz at Wawa last night too?


It’s Automatic

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For those that don’t know me that well, I’m an improvisational actor, among other things. I had an audition on Sunday that didn’t actually materialize, due an unforseen automobile accident with the directors. They’re okay, but I had driven in to the city, and parked in a place I need to pay 10 bucks to get out of, so I stepped round to the Wawa on 2nd street and South to get monies aforesaid. While strolling toward the Wawa, I stopped in front of the TLA, whose marquee indicated that VNV Nation was playing that night. I called my wife, asked if she was interested, and we got tickets.

Now, I never considered myself a huge techno or electro fan, but VNV Nation is good music. Nary a guitar, just drum machines, synths and keyboards, and the voice of Ronin Harris. Like I told PTB, it’s like early Ministry, sans the yelling, as Ronin’s voice is comprised of more dulcet tones than we typically hear from Alain Jourgensen. I don’t know the lyrics to any of the songs, but VNV puts on such a great show, I’m too busy dancing and shouting along with choruses I learn in the moment to care that I don’t know the words.

This from a guy who never quite gets comfortable with music lacking guitars.

But maybe life is changing. My real latest distraction right now? Autotune the News. Ever heard of T-Pain? Has the Vocoder and the Antares Auto-tuner burrowed its way into your brain through your ear in the last few years? The Brothers Gregory understand. They also understand that CNN and current events need some tarting up before the hoi polloi take notice. Thus, Autotune the News.

There are only 6 tunes at last count, but I frequently return to their YouTube account and play them all. Combine comedy with sterling beat production that Timbaland is embarassed he didn’t come up with, and gold is produced.

I can not do AtN justice by myself, so without further ado, check it.


“I chill Flatburger when I’m way out West”

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Tasty (if slightly paraphrased) Beastie Boys’ lyric notwithstanding, I get “out West” very little to not at all. More than 99% of my eating gets done right here in the Delaware Valley. What’s my latest food distraction?

Flatbread sandwiches!

My Afternoon Nosh-Distraction

My Afternoon Nosh-Distraction

As MLD’s resident fat-man foodie, I am actually becoming more mindful of slimming down. To that end, I’m trying to downsize my portions. I’ve gone from the Footlongs down to the 6 inch sandwiches, but something about the 6 inch rolls are just somehow… not satisfying. Enter my relationship with flatbread.

Weeks ago, coming home from my night job, I stopped by Wawa, and began eating their Flatbread Cuban sandwich. I like Cuban sandwiches, and if you’ve never had one, check them out. Delicious, if you’re into that sort of thing. After that successful experiment, I felt it might be time to investigate the Subway version. They don’t have the Cuban option, but with chicken, cold cuts, and a veggie patty option, I didn’t lack for tasty alternatives. About a week ago, I did just that, worried that it wouldn’t be as (over)filling as the Footlong, and more to the point, even less satisfying than the 6 inch.

I needn’t have worried. All results were delicious. This afternoon, I had the above pictured meal. For as close a look as my Samsung phone could provide, check below:

Why don't these things ever look like the advertisements?

Why don't these things ever look like the advertisements?

I am full, and with good veggie protein that will last me through tonight’s ComedySportz shows. If only I could get a veggie patty option at Wawa, or if Subway could do a Cuban sandwich, life would be a tad closer to perfect.

Bottom line: 6 inch flatbread sandwiches may be the first step in my fat-belly reduction salvation. Even if they’re not, they ARE my latest food-based distraction!