“I chill Flatburger when I’m way out West”

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Tasty (if slightly paraphrased) Beastie Boys’ lyric notwithstanding, I get “out West” very little to not at all. More than 99% of my eating gets done right here in the Delaware Valley. What’s my latest food distraction?

Flatbread sandwiches!

My Afternoon Nosh-Distraction

My Afternoon Nosh-Distraction

As MLD’s resident fat-man foodie, I am actually becoming more mindful of slimming down. To that end, I’m trying to downsize my portions. I’ve gone from the Footlongs down to the 6 inch sandwiches, but something about the 6 inch rolls are just somehow… not satisfying. Enter my relationship with flatbread.

Weeks ago, coming home from my night job, I stopped by Wawa, and began eating their Flatbread Cuban sandwich. I like Cuban sandwiches, and if you’ve never had one, check them out. Delicious, if you’re into that sort of thing. After that successful experiment, I felt it might be time to investigate the Subway version. They don’t have the Cuban option, but with chicken, cold cuts, and a veggie patty option, I didn’t lack for tasty alternatives. About a week ago, I did just that, worried that it wouldn’t be as (over)filling as the Footlong, and more to the point, even less satisfying than the 6 inch.

I needn’t have worried. All results were delicious. This afternoon, I had the above pictured meal. For as close a look as my Samsung phone could provide, check below:

Why don't these things ever look like the advertisements?

Why don't these things ever look like the advertisements?

I am full, and with good veggie protein that will last me through tonight’s ComedySportz shows. If only I could get a veggie patty option at Wawa, or if Subway could do a Cuban sandwich, life would be a tad closer to perfect.

Bottom line: 6 inch flatbread sandwiches may be the first step in my fat-belly reduction salvation. Even if they’re not, they ARE my latest food-based distraction!