Looks like it’s back to AM radio for me

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I’ve gone on record professing my love for the MLB AtBAt app for the iPhone. I’ve listened to countless games that I would have otherwise missed and caught up on highlights I didn’t get to experience live using their incredible condensed game videos. Imagine my dismay when I attempted to download the 2011 version of the app this afternoon and was met with a message saying MLB AtBat 2011 requires iPhone OS 4. I’ve been hanging on to an original iPhone since launch and I have no real reason to upgrade. In fact, upgrading would represent a significant loss.

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Philadelphia weekend roundup

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Flyers down 0-2 in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Last night, I had to switch to the Flyers radio feed for the third period of Game 2 (the DVR had a conflict, which was odd since I thought everything was done for the season). I remembered hating these broadcasts in the past, and I can hear that nothing has changed. Two quotes fully characterize everything that’s wrong: Read more of this article »


Phillies and MLB AtBat Magic

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Before Apple even announced their new iPhone OS and it’s multitasking capabilities, MLB’s AtBat application worked around the issue of keeping things going while using your phone for other tasks. Thanks to Kevin, I discovered that the audio feeds from AtBat can be left running in the background using Safari/Quicktime in the 2010 version of the application. This allowed us to continue our text message conversation while listening to the game.

AtBat was already rocking my world in that I no longer hate day games that I can’t attend. I’ll be able to listen to the next Phillies day game on 4/28 against the Giants while I work. I don’t need to be at my desk checking updates on a computer or within ear shot of my speakers to know what’s going on. I can’t believe I’m this impressed with what is essentially the same technology as AM radio.

Another special treat: there’s currently an ad running in the app that reads “AtBat is the #1 Sports App. Thank you. Enjoy MLB.TV for FREE on 4/24 and 4/25 (BLACKOUT RESTRICTIONS APPLY).” I would never buy an MLB.TV subscription since the blackout restrictions wouldn’t allow me to watch the Phillies, but I’ll check out a free game any time.